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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I haven't heard from my friend in a long time. I think I'll write to him again....


Hi Mike! It’s me!


It’s, been a while, hasn’t it? About two years, I think. That’s crazy, isn’t it? I never would’ve thought such a long time could pass without you.


I would ask you what’s been going on, and how you’ve been all this time. Why you left so abruptly, and never told me. But, I know that wouldn’t get me the answers.


I remember the first time we met, do you? Do you remember how, and why we met? All that time ago, back in fourth grade? I Do.


I had no friends up until that point, not really. A few class acquaintances at the most. Nobody wanted to hang with me. The kind of hobbies I enjoyed, were different from theirs. They didn’t like the games I did, and because of that I was shunned away, left to play by myself at recess and lunch. I never cared, or at least I told myself I didn’t care. I was fine with eating alone, watching the other boys play in groups of fifteen, twenty, thirty. They would laugh and joke and run and scream, and be happy with each other. Despite me telling myself I was ok with being alone, I still had tears staining my cheeks, everyday. Course my parents were no help, despite their constant words of kindness and affection. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate what they told me, it’s just different when your parents tell you, because that’s what they’re supposed to tell you.


Then you came.


It was just a normal day at school, and I was heading out to lunch, as usual, when one of the kids tapped me on the shoulder. “ Hey, there’s this new kid.” He said.  “ He likes the same games you do.” And he pointed to just in front of me, where you were walking. You were alone also, heading to a bench where you’d sit by yourself, with no one to play with. I didn’t know if I was being used for some kind of cruel trick, thought up by the older more popular kids. But it wasn’t often for someone to tell me there was someone else like me. In fact it was the first time. Whether or not it was a joke I didn’t care, I went along with it. I walked up to your side, and said hello. I had so many fears. Fears that it wouldn’t work, I was part of a comic occurrence, and nothing would change.


But things did change.


I’m sure you remember, since I saw it in your eyes. That moment we both knew, we’d made a truly special friend. One we’d never had before, but would always keep. Your face lit up just like mine, once the connection was made. We spent the rest of elementary just talking, laughing, joking, screaming, and being happy with each other. Sure it was just us two and no one else, but that was enough for me, and for you too. During that summer we’d meet every weekend, and we’d play games for hours on end, not wanting not leave when the time was up. Every week I’d see you, and every week I’d wait in anticipation to see you again. It was magical. I was no longer lonely.


Do you remember how we were in middle school?


We had four out of the six classes together, for the first two years. As soon as we found out we couldn’t stop smiling. For once I actually wanted to go to school, and so did you. It was like a crush. I was able to sleep and wake up with motivation, knowing I’d see you in just a few hours. I could see you, and I could talk to you, talk about anything. It stretched way beyond just gaming. Personal thoughts and issues and fears and passions and desires. We discussed it all. The other kids had their big groups where they knew no one. I had just you, and I knew all about you.


Do you remember the lizard?


That one science project in the seventh grade, where they introduced us to water creation? Each group of three kids was tasked with filling up a bowl of water, and manifesting a small lizard from within it? It was you, me, and that other kid, Damien. Damien setup the water, and I setup the mats, and you did the summoning. You produced a magenta lizard no bigger than a computer mouse. First thing it did was chomp on your middle finger, and you bled. Damien and I said we’d get the teacher, but you said no. “ I want to set this guy free.” You said. “ I want him to live a happy life, away from us humans.” And you did. Damien and I watched as you walked the little creature out to the running field, and set it down on the grass. It looked around, and then scurried off. After a few seconds we saw a bird in the sky. The bird swooped down and picked up the lizard, carrying it off into the blue above us. I didn’t know what had happened, but you did. You were crying when we walked back, but you wouldn’t tell me why. I know now why you cried.


Do you remember our last year of middle school, on that final day?


That final graduation day? Once we’d left the school, I had to carpool with you because my parents were busy. I stayed at your house for the day. We had so much fun together. We played games until darkness came, and I slept over. I was happy to sleep over unannounced, and so were you. I was supposed to sleep on the floor, but you beckoned me to lay on the bed, with you. I had an odd feeling about it, but I trusted you. I got in next to you, and we talked and played more games till midnight. Then, when I was practically struggling to keep my eyes open, you shut off your device, and faced me. Your green eyes sparkled, casting a euphoric glow around the room. I couldn’t help but look back. You drew nearer to me, and we kissed.


Do you remember the next time we met over that summer before high school?


When we met at the park, and how awkward it was? FOr the first few minutes neither of us could even look at each other. We were old enough to understand what we’d done in that bed, and it embarrassed us to no end. But we got out of that stupor, and had a great day at that park. Sitting under a tree and battling it out together.


Do you remember, the last I ever saw of you..?


Second week of high school. So far it’d been very scary, and all so new. But it made it so much better, to know you were there right alongside with me. First week we’d been how we always were. Then, monday morning, do you remember? I entered the front gates, heading to our tree that was our secret meet up point. You weren’t there. I took out my phone to find you’d left me a text. I still have it. “ have to go somewhere with my family. Should be back in a few days.” Judging from those words I didn’t let it bother me. You’d be back soon, right? So I waited. I sat through those days, waiting. I kept texting, but you never responded. I tried at least seven to ten times a day to get ahold of you, and you never answered back. I was lonely again.


Do you remember, that months went by?


I kept on waiting, for weeks, which turned into months, which turned into years. I made some small class friends, but none of them were ever like you. I kept waiting, and playing, by myself, waiting for you to come back. My parents didn’t know what happened either, they were unaware. All I could do was wait. All I could do was rest in bed, tears streaming down my face. It was so much harder to go to bed and go to school, knowing you weren’t there with me. What had happened? The school staff had no clue either. It was as if you and your family had vanished from the earth, forever. I kept holding on. Waiting.


You never came back.


Now, in my junior year, you still aren’t here. Two years later. I never would’ve thought I’d be back to where I was, so many years ago in fourth grade. But here I am.


I remember towards the end of freshman year. I thought about giving up, that you were gone and I couldn’t do anything to fix it. To mend the friendship that had been severed..


Then I found your name.


In a school news report we were forced to watch. It showed of another place, another school in another state. There had been a school shooting. Twenty eight recorded students had died. It showed a list of names. I hadn’t paid much attention to the list, until one of the names caught my eye. It was your name.




Why did you move without telling me? Why did you stay silent for so long? I could’ve visited you! I could have come to you and we could have had some fun! I could have told you not to go to that school and come back here to mine! We could have played games, and talked about weird things, and deep things. We could have kissed again. I could have had my best friend.


Wherever you are, Mike, I hope you are happy.


I hope you find peace, and you have a new friend to keep you company. So you don’t have to be lonely, like I am.


Submitted: September 04, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Curon. All rights reserved.

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Kevin Michael Smith

I try to comment whenever I like something. This is nice with a heart-nudging surprise at the end.
The only thing that was a bit bizarre was the lizard section. When you mentioned manifesting a lizard I thought we were in something like a Harry Potter novel. Might wanna take a look at the vocab you use there.
This was a nice surprise. Good luck with your future work.

Mon, September 24th, 2018 1:31pm


I've been expected someone to say something about the lizard. Honestly it was just a little magic, that's all. If you find it weird then I understand that, but it was just a bit of fantasy.

Mon, September 24th, 2018 3:18pm

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