I Thought I Knew You

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i wrote this a little whie back i hope yall like it.

Submitted: April 23, 2007

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Submitted: April 23, 2007



I thought I knew you and what you stood for, what you were about and it all turned out to be one big lie. I thought you loved me, I thought we'd last forever, I thought you didn't judge me the way others do, I thought I could depend on you, always count on you to be there when I was down but I guess I was wrong. Wrong about how I thought you felt, wrong about all the loving words I heard. You weren't what I thought you were, not what I had dreamed about, not someone I could depend on when the going got tough. You judged me on what other people told you never once believing what I had to say about it. You thought I would lie to you. You thought wrong. I was someone you could depend on, I believed in you, I was the one you had when everything around you just seemed to fade away, I was always there. But you turned your back on me. I thought I knew you but as it turned out I guess I didn't.

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