Breaking Horses, Breaking Hearts

Breaking Horses, Breaking Hearts

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Jessie Taise has gotten the change to be with her gorgeous neighbor boy who breaks wild Mustangs. But is it still worth it, once she breaks her best friend's heart?  Might Become Novel.
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Jessie Taise has gotten the change to be with her gorgeous neighbor boy who breaks wild Mustangs. But is it still worth it, once she breaks her best friend's heart?  Might Become Novel.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Breaking Horses, Breaking Hearts

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Jessie Taise has gotten the change to be with her gorgeous neighbor boy who breaks wild Mustangs. But is it still worth it, once she breaks her best friend's heart?  Might Become Novel.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 12, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 12, 2009



The bright spring rays invaded the darkness of Jessie Taise's room, spreading across her bed, greeting her "good morning." As she stretched out her arms, Jessie took in the beauty of the world outside her window. The sun was blindingly brilliantand already hung neatly in the bright blue sky. The trees were budding with innocent life, a gift from Mother Nature after the harsh winter that her rural farm had to endure. A lone sparrow serenaded the new world, and was soon joined by an accompianment of a chattering squirrel. Jessie threw open her window and took in a deep breath of the cool, morning air. This is going to be a wonderful day. She thought to herself.

That's the problem with beautiful, country mornings. They make one feel as if everything is perfect, and that nothing could interrupt their innate peace.

Jessie quickly showered, singing an old country tune her father had taught her when she was young, and got dressed in a cute baby doll blouse and her abused blue jeans. Grabbing a roll from the kitchen table, she took a second to wonder where her parents where, and then concluding they were in the barn, pulled on her boots and ran out the door.

In the warm sunlight, her freshly waxed pick-up struck her as a blinding block of flaming red and chrome. Jessie smiled as she threw her bag in the back and climbed up in. "Good morning, Baby." she whispered. The brand new Dodge Ram had been a gift from her grandparents for her eighteenth birthday, and an early graduation gift. It was exactly what she had wanted; diesel, dual exhaust, extended cab. It was big, bad and loud; just as all trucks should be.

As she turned on the ignition, the roar of the engine drew her father out from the barn. Jessie waved and pulled out of her driveway. The trees cast dark shadows across her windshield as she roared on down the mountain road. Jessie couldn't help but smile. Beautiful day, beautiful truck, beautiful everything.

Days like this made Jessie love her life. The country life wasn't for everyone. She knew that the muddy stalls, the loud farm equipment, and the hard labour made many people throw up their noses, but in her mind, there was nothing better. To be honest, she loved the herd of cattle their family owned, and even had named a few of them. She had two horses and 100 acres of land to ride on to her heart's content. The barn chores that seemed sounbelievable to everybody else were nothing to her. She enjoyed them. The smells of the cattle and the hay, and the sounds of the gentle neighing and pawing of her two mustangs were what made her feel at home. Jessie was more at home in the barn then she was in her own house.

A beautiful house came into view, surrounded by fields of sheep and alpacas. Katie's farm was slightly more upscale than Jessie's, but it also didn't seem as personal to Jessie as her own. Maybe it's because it's sheep. She thought as Katie came bounding out the door.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!!" Katie was gushing, as she ran her hand across the hood of Jessie's new baby.

Laughing, Jessie said, "breath, Katie."

Ignoring her, Katie went on. "I can not believe they got you a truck! A brand new truck!! A brand new beautiful monster of a truck!!" she squealed as she jumped in. Katie did actually have to "jump" because she was so short and my "monster of a truck" was so tall. "It's huge!!!" she practically screamed as she saw the interior.

Jessie checked her review mirror and started to pull out of Katie's driveway, chuckling at Katie's reaction to her gift. "Yup," she said. "And it's all ours for the summer."

Katie clapped her hands and rolled down her window. "Well, it's only all ours if you don't start sharing it with Tyler Picket," she said, giggling.

Rolling her eyes, Jessie let her mind wander to her crush, Tyler Picket. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body to die for: that was how any girl described him. But to Jessie, he was so much more. Tyler's dad owned a mustang rescue facility bordering Jessie's own land. Jessie knew Tyler as a neighbor. She knew that he helped trained the mustangs. She knew he rode them across his land, just as she didhers. She knew that he liked to swim and fish in the river that split Jessie's ranch from his own. He went mudding with friends, and appreciated a nice truck just as much as she did. He was perfect in every way. Except one.

Tyler never said anything but hello or goodbye to Jessie, and this of course, drove her nuts.

"You're insane," Jessie said as she pulled into the parking lot at the school. "Tyler doesn't even know I exist."

Katie snorted and looked out her window. Then she got very quiet. "Um..." she said, voice tense with anticipation, "I think he knows you exist now."

Jessie almost got whiplash as she swung her head around to see Tyler Picket waving away his friends, and walking over to her truck.

"Oh my god." Katie and Jessie both said together.

Breathe. Jessie told herself as she ran her hands through her long brown hair and jumped out onto the asphalt. As calmly as she could, she walked to the back and opened the tailgate to grab her bag, pretending to not notice Tyler as he walked right up to her.

"Hey." he said as he jumped up to sit on the now open tailgate.

Jessie smiled at him and returned the greeting. "Hey, Tyler."

He chuckled. "Oh, please call me Ty. My parent's only call me Tyler when I'm in trouble." Jessie laughed. "So," he continued, "gorgeous truck. It's new right?"

My pride in my new baby increased 100% as he looked her over and praised every inch of her. "I got her for my birthday," I said.

He looked up with interest. "Your birthday? Why didn't I know about your birthday?"

Confused, Jessie simply smiled.

"Well then," he continued, "I guess I owe you a gift. Say...I've seen you riding that beauty of a Paint all over your farm. How about we go riding together after school. I'll meet you at your house with one of my 'stangs. About four?"

Overwhelmed with happiness and disbelief, Jessie simply stuttered, "s...sure."

"Great." Tyler flashed his gorgeous smile. "Shall we go to cl..."

"Hey! Jessie!" Someone interruted from across the parking lot. Jessie peered around Tyler to see her friend Andy running towards her. Not now! Jessie's mind yelled. Tyler saw Andy and then turned back to Jessie. To her horror, he laughed. He said, "see you later Jess, " and then he turned around and walked up to the school; leaving Jessie shocked and frustrated.

"Hey," Andy said, trying to catch his breath. "Was that Tyler Picket?"

Coming out of her trance, Jessie glared at Andy. "Yes! And next time you see me talking to my "crush since kindergarten", would you kindly not interrupt us?" She said harshly, slamming her tailgate shut.

Andy laughed it off and cast a suspiscious glance in the direction Tyler had gone. As he and Jessie walked around to the front of the truck, the passenger door opened and Katie all but fell out.

"Katie!" Jessie said, as she watched her friend compose herself. "Have you been in there the whole time?!" Jessie had to admit that she had forgot Katie even existed while she was talking to Tyler.

"Umm...yes," she confessed shyly, and then getting over it unnaturally fast, "oh my god! He asked you out!! He asked you out!!!"

Jessie just rolled her eyes and began walking up to the school. Andy questioned, "wait one minute. Did that guy ask you out? Really?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Katie squealed in excitment, practically bouncing along beside Jessie.

"No! He didn't. He just suggested we go riding this afternoon. That's not a date. It's completely normal for neighbors to go riding together." Jessie said, even though she inwardly was just as excited as Katie. Her denials of Tyler's intentions seemed to relax Andy though.

"Good." he simply said.

"What?"she asked, turning on him. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Andy kept walking and sternly said, "I don't trust him."

BeforeJessie had registered what he said, Andy had dissapeared throught he front doors. She turned to Katie who looked in shock for a second or so, then shrugged her shoulders and said, "it's soooo a date." Then she too walked inside.

I sighed, as I thought about what oddballs my friends were and then smiled. Beautiful day, beautiful truck, and now...beautiful guy. What could go wrong?

"So did you get your prom dress yet?" Katie asked as she loaded her books into her locker. Jessie rolled her eyes. All she had heard about for the last two months was prom night, and now with it only two weeks away, the whole school was buzzing with excitement.

"I told you, Katie, I'm not going," Jessie sighed.

"And I told you that you were! We have to go together!" Katie whined annoyingly.

Jessie snorted. "You have a date, remember?"

"Oh, is that why you don't want to go? Because you don't have a date? Thats so silly Jessie. Any guy here would be lucky to go with you," Katie said, disbelief thick in her voice.

"They all are already going with someone. I just don't want to go Kate. You'll have fun without me. I promise. I'll probably just go riding or something. I'm sure there will be something to do around the farm."

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