Ode to The Gods Of Football

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The Steelers have done it again, in so many amazing plays, that even now, the images of that game flash in our minds at random moments.

Submitted: February 02, 2009

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Submitted: February 02, 2009




the simple title given to a team; a family.

To hear it spoken it to feel the full wieght of complete and total power run hot like blood.

To their fans, it is the overwhelming pride and thrill of the battle that courses through the body.

To their enemies, it is a thousand tears and a million blows to the head.

Their coming was neither fortold nor prophesized, but their rampage takes a nation by storm.

They are:
The all-mighty,
The invincible,
The lords of football.

To some it is simply a game,
And so they will not see the glory that emits from every man who wears black and gold.

But for those 
Who feel the ground thunder beneath them, 
Who taste the salty sweat being drawn from their body, 
Who take tackle after tackle and always stand up again, 
Who have felt that leather against their fingertips...

It is more than a game. 

It is a promise, 
A way of life, 
A war.

This is football; This is the Steelers.

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