The Starbucks Boy

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Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



I sat down on the chair, smiling at the potential customers walking by. Sure, not allowed to pull them in. No talking, no enticing, no annoying, but that didn't mean no smiling, right? Smiling is polite. Not pulling people in. Entirely.

I could feel the corners of my mouth wavering though, was it pulling people in? And I'm sure this smile looks pretty fake. No one smiles this much. Oh God, these people must think I'm crazy. But I can't stop smiling. Damn it! Why can't I stop? This crazy smile must be scaring people away. This isn't good. Not at all. Crap. First day on the job and I'm already a screw-up. Stop smiling. Now.... or now. Okay, stop smiling in 3... 2... 1.... or not. Alright, new plan. Bite down on tongue. Bite down on tongue. Bite down on...

"Ouch!" I lifted my hand up to my mouth, sure there would be blood on it. Nope. Thank goodness. At least I wasn't smiling anymore.

I sat there awkwardly staring at the computer screen, then and the price-gun-thingy, then at the signs, then the cups, then the timer. Surely I was being awkward for a good ten, twenty minutes. No such luck. The clock said I had just looked at it three minutes ago.

They might be paying me $9 an hour to do basically nothing, and sure, I'm fantastic at doing nothing, but this was the worst doing nothing in the world. Insane boredom and all I had for company was some cups. This was going to be a looooooooooong few weeks.

For some reason, the timer caught my eye. It read: 7 hours, 15 minutes. Pretty impressive for ice to just have melted after seven hours. maybe there was something to these cups... then I looked at the cup. No ice, all water. And not cold water. It had melted a while ago. But, whatever. It gave me something to do for another three minutes.

I grabbed the cup, shut the laptop, put up the sign that read "Be back in 15 minutes!", pushed in the too-tall-for-anyone chair, and walked over the Starbucks to get a refill of ice.

Of course, in order to fill a cup up with ice, you are required to first empty the water out of said cup. I didn't know where the closest bathroom was (give me a break! First day on the job at a mall I don't know all that well) and decided to play a quick game of eeny-minie-moo. The left side won.

I started to wall down the hall and I glanced up at the signs as I did. I passed a Starbucks and decided that I'd go there once I was done with dumping the water. So I kept walking. Finally I reached.... a wall. There was seriously NO restroom to the left of me? What happened to the good ol' malls that had a bathroom after every six or so stores? Or at least one by each anchor store?

Perhaps I should mention that I don't do well with panicking. And I was panicking. I didn't want to leave the kiosk for too long but I couldn't just get back there without any ice. But where the hell am I supposed to dump out this friggin' water? There was the trashcans, or the plants. But what if the plants were fake? I REALLY didn't want to look like the nut who waters fake plants.

I started to hyperventilate. I'd been gone too long and I had to make a decision on what to do with the water. As sneaky as possible, I took the lid off the cup and walked by the trashcan, dumping the water inside. I heard a loud splash, and I was sure I wasn't the only that heard it. Don't look back and everything will be fine.

That's when I realized that I'd passed the Starbucks when I watering the trash. But I couldn't look back. I figured people would think I was crazy for dumping my water in a freaking trashcan but I didn't want to see it on their faces.

So I kept walking. It kind of became my mantra. "Just keep walking, just keep walking..." I walked past the kiosk. And I just kept walking. I walked past the indoor-rich-kid playground. I walked all the way until I saw the other Starbucks.

I figured that since I wasn't ordering anything, I'd just go to the delivery counter and ask for them to fill my cup up with ice there. The two people who were making the drinks? A girl who looked a bit older but a lot bitchier than me. And a cute guy with messy blonde hair.

Going for the lesser of two evils, I caught the girl's eye and spoke up. "Excuse me, but could you put some ice in here for me?" She nodded, so I smiled and thanked her. She took my cup and placed it in the line with all the other drinks. Not that I was necessarily expecting immediate service, but seriously. It would take, like thirty seconds to fill it up. Tops. But I wasn't going to be that annoying brat who throws a fit so I smiled and stood off to the side for a second.

On came that fake smile again.

Then the cute blonde guy grabbed my cup. My thoughts swarmed with "No. No. No. PLEASE don't fill mine up. Please? God, if you're out there, please let him put that cup down NOW!" No such luck. Clearly, God was not on my side. Or so I thought at the time. Perhaps he was, and he had just sent it in the form of Fate and Destiny.

The guy filled it up with ice and handed the cup to me. A crooked smile flashed. "Have a good day."

I knew it was his job to flirt and be nice to everyone. But it really didn't seem to matter. I was hooked from the very first of those cups of ice.

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