A Race Across the Surface

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a short poem i wrote over last summer '07

Submitted: March 27, 2008

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Submitted: March 27, 2008



as she walked to the water's edge she was over joyed with the challenge that lay ahead of her. the water was still and dark, a giant sheet of black ice on the road she drove tonight. she slipped from the remainder of her day over the sand.when her toes broke the surface it was only her she brought to the competition. pushing off the bottom, she linked across the surface.the swim was days long as the reflections came and went.the seasons nipped at her toes when she'd finally slowed. picking up in the spiral of change she raced for the other side. her prayers deep within her mind to beat the horsemen that brought her frozen hell.she wouldn't get frozen for a time's length again.never again.slithering up her leg the ice chased her.no, she thought in her head, hearing the call in her heart she reached out for her soul.there it was strength in any form she desired.the cracking snap of the ice breaking away from her filled her with the a hope, furthering her fury to be free. she could see her salvation just ahead of her. she wasted no time to even grant the bitterness one last look into her eyes.her feet dug into the murky bottom moving with little disturbance from the muck.she pushed each step harder and harder breaking the surface with her knees.she was out.pulling the coat from a tree branch she slide an arm in at a time.she glanced over her shoulder as she did this,just in time to watch her exit seal up. adjusting her back to her victory, she strode away with the memory of the night she took back her pride and the warmth in her to take back to the world.

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