Beware the seemingly meak for they shall not always be that way

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another piece from my Chapters of Violence collection.tis one of my much older works.

Submitted: March 27, 2008

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Submitted: March 27, 2008



she walks with her hood up and her head down jeans wet to the knees with nasty street water. the nights been rainy like the day it followed. she was tight all over her being, not just her muscles but her thoughts her heart and her soul all felt bound and ready to explode.she would release herself, slice through the ropes that contorted her everything. picking up her pace she made haste to her car where all she needed was in trusted within. speeding past the lights she thought of every way she would make them see how hurt she was. images of free rage and gore filled her mind bending the world around her. she was lost in the wonder of her own anger. how she could feel such a way. i will have the bodies and souls for the suffering they've put me through; she proclaimed to herself in a voice muffled by vengeance. shutting the car off she kissed the wheel and begged her beauty to keep warm for her. she reached into the trunk pushing around her tools. she stripped down to her tank top and let out a breath when the shiver reached her neck. she slipped her arm through her gun holster, checking the clip as she strapped in the last used.pulling up her pant leg was next so the blade she'd carried since innocence was well kept. she pulled on a leather crop jacket over her body and placed a sheathed sword over head and onto her back. smiling deceitfully she reached deep into the trunk for her favorite piece of the whole puzzle she put together every time she did this.Louie was the best weapon in her arsenal as far as she was concerned; couldn't slug anything better than you could with a Louie, she always said.
the door of course was open because no one would ever dare mess with them, was her easiest thought at the moment so she focused on it. she turned through the house winding her way around furniture, open doors, and random house help. finally she heard it the sound of corruption and the scent of the prey. the door cracked from it's latch easily and the surprise that met her from each of their faces was priceless.the poor soul standing closest in to the door got it first. one swift blow to the hip and the man crumpled into the wall. she swung over her head and down on his collar bone now bending him to the floor.a bunting force from behind his head saw him out for the count just as she needed to defend her position. the girl attempting to help her lover was met with the end of the bat spraying blood from her mouth onto the end. the bat freely moved around and above again cracking the girl's face from the center since the girl had tilted it back in pain. blood from the girl's nose and mouth stained both their clothes. with the girl out of the way she traced along the faces in the room, she was standing in front of the only escape route she figured since the room was still full.
the men finally pulling their balls from their throats came at her with confidence and a twinge of fear. she managed to briefly stun a couple before needing to unsheathe her sword. now her grin was mischievous as she knew how lovely the scene became when it was red. she dismembered the first man starting at both his arms then both legs and his head. with the head rolling and the torso sputtering blood across the severed limbs; it became a game of cat and mouse. they were all prey to her now, afraid and weak.all deserving of her violent symphony, they had orchestrated it after all. she caught a woman by the hair pulling her back the woman's feet slide in the blood making it an easy she looked into the woman's eyes she wondered but only the woman's gagging on the blood running from her throat into her lungs could answer any questions she may have had for the woman. a man cowering under the table was shown mercy as he was unknown so she quickly beheaded him when she crouched to smile at him in his final second. a smashing behind her caught her attention just as the glass slide across her arm tearing through the leather. it barely cut my flesh was her chuckle to her attacker as she ran him through to the bunt of her blade.she leaned into his chest whispering in his ear; you always said you'd like it bloody. she nipped at his ear as she twisted the sword in his body. she pulled away and kissed his forehead as he slipped off the blade to the floor. a strong woman stepped over the mans body meeting her sword with a pool stick. the woman was forceful and full of blind survival. the woman came fast and swung with power. she toyed with the woman for a bit drawing her near to the window. grabbing the pool stick she side stepped and swung the woman attached to the other end into the window. as the glass shattered around the woman, she smoothly sliced through the woman repeatedly till she piled among the shards. she heard the whimpers of another victim and the last cries of defense from a stumbling man. the man carried Louie swinging uselessly to every direction. she evaded a few choice swings from the man then when she'd stepped aside from a downward swing she took his hand off. when she took off a bit more of that hand and the other as the man grabbed onto his fresh injury; she laughed at his silliness. splattering her thick with blood as he swung his arms wildly she grew furious with the man.she thrust through the man's livelihood. you scream like a woman being raped, don't you?; she questioned him as she cut his head from his neck. she kicked the head into the corner when it rolled into her shoes, disgusted with his dirty blood on her new vans. oh God, oh God please help me! was the wretched sound filling her ears now. it burned her giving her all she needed for one last person. God can't help you now, Love but I can release you from your sin; were the only words of comfort the woman received before the bullet pierced her mind. she surveyed her mayhem. breathing slowly now she recovered Louie cleaned both him and the sword off on a fairly clean body.
she let the dogs in the door before she hoped in the car to leave. they'd clean the dead up and return home when they'd had their fill of blood and wander. they always licked the floor clean and never harmed a live soul. perfect angels they are, she said to herself closing the truck and slipping back into her hoodie. the purr of the engine matched to the flow of her thoughts as she filled with happiness and relief. she smiled to herself, i finally got those bastards and their right when they say it will be i who laughs last.

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