Find Peace with Your Worst Beast

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a poem about searching within

Submitted: March 20, 2008

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Submitted: March 20, 2008



I will never stop dreaming, but I am content that they stay dreams.
I will not wear even my own chains, to drag me down.
I will always be my greatest enemey that way I will never have to fear anyone else.
I am content with being any number,they say one is a lonely number.
I don't mind anyone else telling me what they think of me,they can't say worse than I can.
I am willing to be me this way, I am only my own human.
I can accept everyone without hate,they are no less human than I.
I do not goto battle with the beast that I am, I tame her to protect my door.
Should the Beast turn on me we'd both be slayen,for I will not fall without her.
I have made peace with my Beast,however dangerous she may be.
I do hope you find peace with yours in whatever form they may come.

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