Is She Dieing?

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Normally much of my so called dark poetry is all compiled into one group I cal Chapters of Violence, this is the final chapter before my break. written 03.25.08

Submitted: March 26, 2008

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Submitted: March 26, 2008



vibrating the tissue around it, her heart rushed blood through her body. harder and harder each beat became. it had a heating effect on her. the night had been calling to the storms, beckoning them for a visit.the wind was strong and cool. the air still held warmth of the day beneath a blanket of clouds. all around the tension was high and the house itself was feeling the effects. the evening dimming bathed the room in a warm breath of comfort.outside the lights reach, the shadows lurked of eeriness. she shivered staring deep within them.the house creaked in the shadows and the wind twisted of the darkest parts. a whistle stretched out like demons from their caves.her mind scrambled around the information from her senses.a brisk air movement past her bare skin sent her wild with creative parinoia.she ran her hands up and down her body watching her surrounding across the lines of her dancing savior of light.would it reach beyond those boundaries after her,she questioned.her breathing had quickened with such increasing ease she hadn't noticed how heavy it had become.when her back hit the wall her sense of sound took over and with a sound of the wind against that wall she was centered in the light. hands out reached and a bend to her knee she danced a circle of steps with the sounds and light shifts around her. the house began to shake here and there from the increase in intensity of the winds. all of her shoes with each pound of her heart while her mind lost track of all it's signals.she touched her fingertips to her chest applying pressure with the deepening feeling of a bleeding heart.she curled under the pressure dropping to a knee.screaming in pain her body tensed locking in tight.her screams racing with her heartbeat in her mind deafen her. reaching for her ear she jerked to the floor after a grip of her comfort's attacker took hold of her. the pulse in every inch of her body created a shelter of damage, throwing her muscles around her insides.crippled and helpless of her actions she was agonized through the torture.her mind collapsed on realization seizing her abilities to combat back.her throat finally closing out she could do nothing but strain a few moans. the blood cooled her feverish skin providing only a brief comfort.seaping with the sweat it worked over her wrapping around each curve and line. she ran a finger through it almost in enough shock to not feel the pain. as her hand dropped to the ground beside her she was thankful that some how in some manner without her knowledge she had manage to regain control of herself.only to answer her always most sought after question...Is she dieing?

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