Licks of Flame

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even all the water in us can't prevent us from burning up

Submitted: October 08, 2011

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Submitted: October 08, 2011



beauty holds her in its hands.

hope lives in her heart.

faith stays in her thoughts.

she has almost all she needs and rarely thinks differently.

shes focused on a future building goals.

setting her feet in a forward motion, she walks towards her dreams,

working hard she finds purpose in her everyday life.

protecting herself and her future, she makes an effort to expose the evil in another.

big mistake.

without warning she finds herself the target of anger.

the wild fires she sparked surround her.

shes unafraid yet is unknowledgeable of the intense actions shes just committed.

warming her feet the flames crawl towards her.

they engorge her feet,stopping her in her place.

the pain is suddel and unalarming.

as they flames draw fuel from the girls victim they creep up her legs.

saturating them in damage,they become weak and shakey.

reaching up through her,they steal her motherhood values.

burning through her gut she's assured theres something wrong.

as the flames scorch her heart and lungs life becomes a struggled task.

with the heat lashing out in its own amusement she becomes the victim.

she fights its scaring from her pretty face and screams with anguish as the flames hold out for her mind.

her fear is consuming and her actions as wild as the fire.

she had no warning or suggestion this would happen from a few simple words.

she was only trying to protect her life, why was it burning up inside her.

as she turned to ash her mind was licked clean by the fire.

from the ash her victim made mud in laughter for there is no sympathy.

there is no understanding.

there is only the need to witness her assailant suffer.

little girls shouldn't play with matches, never know whose controlling the flame they create.

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