Many Little Thoughts

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many of my little thoughts just buddled together

Submitted: March 20, 2008

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Submitted: March 20, 2008



the way i do what i do... i think it needs some adjusting but hell who am i to change what is because it is as it should be.

be inspired by the world... reach farther than your backyard dont be scared and if you are ask i will guide you past your fence

when times are toughest and your so down you've no idea where the surface of the water is your drowned in... open your mouth let the water fill your lungs drown in it, then next time maybe you can hold your head above the surface

something on your mind? ... get it out, your words dont have to be complicated like mine or even make and damn sense but when you can SEE what you've been kicking around in your mind you can shine light upon it

i know it's hard in this world to stray your focus from your own life but ... sometimes your so deep in yourself you dont see the one right next to you dieing for your help just not screaming loud enough. try to hear them over the sound of your own tires, never know someday you may need their triple A card.

it's like pouring salt in an open wound sometimes but... getting over your pride and forgiving others is the best way to cope with things.

if you need to escape and it's beyond the influence of love... then do it! go fly on fly on let your soul free follow your feet

when your stuck knee deep and the foulest sheep shit... laugh at my ass standing next to you wobbling like a webble ready to fall over cause i would

when times get a little crazy... strap on your party hat. have a good fucking time

every time you step off the curb remember...there could've been a bus coming your way with no breaks and a meth head driver heavy on the pedal

sometimes if you realize who you are... you can really let yourself down when you change and no longer understand yourself. accept that never be afraid of change

when butterflies start to flutter... release them they only want to fly free in the sun to their next beautiful flower

tell me what we're gonna do now... cause i'm no mind reader but i'm a damn good listener and i'm a damn good jack stand

if you don't understand ask questions... there is no wrong question and so many answers that finding one right for you can be hard but the search can be so enlightening

when your soul screams in pain... find a healer. not easy in this day an age. souls are very strong but easily wounded. they carry no shield and are always exposed, viewed or not.

explore every region of yourself... till you find your favorite view. now stand there and take it all in. thats it breath deep

read my words and be inspired to find your own

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