the sound of self reason

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a shrot poem releating to self realization

Submitted: March 20, 2008

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Submitted: March 20, 2008



she sang with all her might,cherping her legs together.
the cricket’s song has words of pride,how melodic she knows her song is.
wind whipping through hair,over skin,against clothing as confused as the thoughts in your head.
gentle like butterfly kisses it soothes, yet pushing enough to straighten your spin.
the stars glisten high above your fog covered town, as the highway humming reminds you of progress.
stars offer hope of the unknown,and the strength to wonder to you as you loose short focus.
as she continues her sarenade,you’re lost in your senses.
the wind at your touch bringing the sent of the country side.
the lights burning through the fog dimly glowing upon the creamy blue speckled sky in your eyes.
the beautiful songs of the life in the darkness against the steady note of society.
all leaving the taste of realization in your mouth as you sigh deeply at the one thing you can't connect with.
and finally all your senses come together over the missing bond with your heart and your hear that sound.
the sound of nature reminding you there is always anew.

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