First and Last Goodbye

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This is a story about a guy named Juden and a girl named Daina, who had a strange encounter in the super market. They fell in love. But you you know what they say, love never lasts.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



He came for milk, but fond himself in the meat aisle....

He would always remember that day, that girl........

The one who he saw at the supermarket, by the black beans and the chubby sodas; across from the ham, cheese, and the lunchables.


She was looking at the different meat, trying to pick one for Sunday dinner. Some kids were running through the aisles and almost tipped her and the cart over. "Bobby, Micheal, Jason, Alex!. Get back here!." and the mother went running, finishing up the job the children left.

He knelt down and picked up the cart and started to pick up the fallen  foods and liquids. Cubby sodas, ham, peppers and spices, Chips-o-ahoy, Oreos.... As the process went along,he caught a greater view of that girl. Long flowing black hair, tan skin, bold yet elegant eyes., full lips with - what he's guessing - Juicy Couture lip gloss. Her great sense of style made her face pop and stand out over the others.

And that special moment when their hands touched, reaching for the last artichoke. Sparks were everywhere, moving from him to her and her to him. 

"Hi, my name is Juden," he finally spoke.

She responded, "Names Daina, and thanks for the help, " and took the artichoke from him.

Once again, no words come out of his mouth, Juden got lost in his imagination as his future with Daina flashed before his eyes. She was still organizing her cart, little to realize he was staring at her.

"What? Is there something on me?" she started to pat herself down. 

:"No," he chuckled, "It's have such gorgeous blue eyes that remind me of a glistening pool at night."

"Thanks," she blushed.

"You're Welcome," and with that he nodded his head and left abruptly, leaving Daina dumbfounded. 


30 Minutes Later........

Daina was in the checkout  line, putting her stuff on the conveyer belt. The cashier check out each item one buy one, making sure not to get anything wrong after what happened before (that's another story). 

"That would be $156.86. Cash or credit?" the cashier said with a stank face. 

"Are you kidding me? i know i had a lot of stuff, but not that much. can you please check it again." begged Daina.

"Your right. It's $156 and 6 cents."

Daina was suddenly offended, "Listen you -"

"No you listen. i don't have time for this so it's either you pay or get out of my presence." said the girl behind the register with her nasty attitude.

Daina was furious and raging with anger. She was so close to hitting that women, but she was classy and only unclassy women would do that. As she looked down into her Gucci handbag, she looked up and saw the same guy she met early walking past her.

Daina suddenly was happy. "Hey! Hey you! Kid! God, What's his name? um......JUDEN!"

Juden simultaneously  turned around and smiled. he started to walk over to Daina, who had some questions to ask.

Daina hasn't sopped thinking about Juden since their last recent encounter."Is that all you ere gonna say, that i have gorgeous eyes?"

"Well, yes." Juden responded, "Was there something wrong with what I said?"

"No, nothing was wrong. It's just that a lot of guys said that to me and when they do they usually try to get me to go on a date with them or compliment my body."

"Well, I'm not like other guys." Juden smiled one of his sexy smiles, the ones that lures women to him.

"That's what they all say."

"Are you guys gonna' sit here and chat or pay for this stuff? I don't have time for this!" Neither Juden or Daina realized that the cashier was still there.

' Um...yeah." Daina started fumbling through her bag for her purse. She realized that she left it on the kitchen table this morning while making her checklist. 

"I'll pay for you don't worry." Juden took out his credit card and swiped it.

"You don't have to, especially not with you credit card" Daina felt guilty and poor.

The cashier was fed up at Daina for talking so long "Yes he has too. now here's your receipt and get out of here." And that was the last time that lady saw her and Juden.


Juden, being the gentleman he is, helped carry most  of the goods to Daina's car and put them in the trunk, while Daina got in the front seat. When Juden was done he went up to Daina's front seat window.

"All done, my lady." and there goes the smile again.

"Thanks so much, Juden. You don't know how much I appreciate it."

"Its no problem. Nothing to help out such a beautiful lady."

"Are you trying to hit on me?" Daina started to flirt back.

"So what if I am?" He grabbed her hand and kissed it.

"Well I'd have to tell you I'm taken.", she lied.

"No your not."

"How are you telling me?"

"Theres something about you. But i could only figure half of it, babe."

"Did you know you're very sweet, kind, handsome, and such a good gentleman?" 

Juden saw this as his chance, "Well. I try. But hey, I'd like to get to know you more. How about a date tonight?"

"Sure. Let's say 6-ish. here's my address," she writes her address on a piece of paper from her bag and gives it to Juden.

Juden starts to smile awkwardly, "Did you know we live in the same apartment?"

Daina was flabbergasted again. How could Juden live in the same apartment as her and she's never noticed him for 5 years? "No way!?"

"Yes way. I love right above you, 34D. Been there for almost 2 years now."

"I've been living in 23C for 5 years and I've never noticed you. wait. were you the guy that was playing loud music and singing horribly?

"Why, yes. And i sing very well for a man," embarrassed Juden said.

"Well your no Usher or Chris Brown. Not even close to a jason Derulo." Daina joked.

"Touche," Juden was now satisfied, "So I'd be at your door around 6. Dress normal."

"Okay. See you later. " and with that Daina, in her car, left.  Juden was happy and accomplished that he got a date with this girl. He went into his car and called his brother in Mexico and told him everything about it. 


Later, Juden was on the highway to his apartment so he could get ready for his date with Daina. He turned on his radio to his favorite station, 92.3 now and his favorite song played, 2012 by Hay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj. He let all his windows down, turned the music ass high as it can go and started singing loudly as the wind blew through his hair. After 30 seconds into the song, he got a phone call. HE answered it and put the phone to his ears while he was still driving.

The conversation he was having was good, but his driving wasn't. If it wasn't for other safe drivers on the road, he would've died. Until something happened.

Juden started tapping his foot along with he music and didn't realize that he was pressing on the gas the whole time because he was still on the phone. He was driving on a speed that way way passed the speed limit; the fastest his or anyone's car could ever go. He was so happy that he didn't know what he was doing or could recognize anything around him. However, when he did, it was too late. He crashed into the black Volvo in front of him. that black Volvo flew into the air, went over 100 miles and landed on 3 other cars. Juden's car flipped over and spun out of control till he hit another car. All because of the speed he was going at. It was a deadly car crash.


1hr and 30mins later

Cops, fire trucks, and ambulances were everywhere.  A fire broke out when the Volvo landed on the 3 cars. The news people finally arrived and so were radio reporters. Everyone who was anyone heard about the e deadly accident.

It took 6 firemen to get Juden out of his turned over car. They  then carried him to an ambulance to get checked out.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Don't touch me. Get away from me!" Juden exclaimed. he was totally terrified of anything that has to deal with hospitals because of the past (another story).

"Sir, you have to calm down, your bleeding on your forehand," said the ambulance man. 

"N*gga, I said I'm-" and there, Juden saw something. He looked to his right and saw the women and her 4 children from the supermarket on the street crying, because one of the sons died and their car was totaled. He looked to his left and  finally saw the car which he hit. He realized it was a black Volvo, Daina's car. 

No, Juden thought, it can't be. a lot of people have that car. Even Edward from twilight has that car. It can't be.  

Juden looked around and saw everything that he put in Daina's car on the road. The plastic bags were from the same supermarket. The firefighters pulled out a person from that black Volvo and put the person on a gurney. Juden saw long flow black hair and h e flipped.

Juden start to run over to the black Volvo but the ambulance man said, "Sir, you have to stay."

"No you stay," and then Juden punched him in the face and ran. He needed to know who was in that car. when he reached there, a lot of doctors were surrounding the person. They were using that machine that shocks peoples heart when they are almost -

No, no, NO! She can't die. , Juden thought.

Juden tried to push through the doctors, but one pushed him back hard and he fell onto his butt. He just sat there because he had a good view of what was going on. the doctors tried many times in shocking her until...the heart rate monitor went to a dead line. The doctors then gave up and went to help any other person.

Juden got up and went to the gurney to get a good look at the person. Believe it or not, it was Daina, lifeless and motionless. Juden was so shocked that he stepped back and tripped over a  shopping bag and fell onto his butt again.

I-I can't believe i did this. Not her, why her, Juden thought and then started to cry. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" he screamed and fell to the ground.

A news reporter came up to him along with the camera guy and said, "Sir, do you know that girl over there that just died?"

Juden manned up wiped his tears and look at the reporter in the eyes, "That girl was supposed to be the love of my life."




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