Dream of Me Tonight

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



Dream of Me

You are always in my dreams

In all ways, a subconscious manifestation of longing

A jar of desire being unscrewed every night

To be poured into the blackness of my dreams


I dream of you

In a fashion that is accentuated by desire

I dream of you as my wife

Two that have become one


I dream of you asleep

A peaceful creature not to be disturbed

The softness of your bosom rising and falling

And I feel your body radiating intense love


In my dreams I always watch you

As you sleep and I gaze at the mild lips and tender skin

I fall deeper into the abyss of your love

Surrendering myself to self-inflicted slavery


I dream of you

From the viewpoint of a door

With a lamplight exuding a soft pink that makes you look like strawberry

A look that draws me closer to your bed


I dream of you

With my fingers running through your beautiful hair

You smile; even asleep my carss to you is pleasant

Desire encapsulates me, and I must press forward…


I always wake up for you deny me of a dream

But you may have mercy enough

To engage me in the reality

Of pure undefiled love


I dram of you

But can I ask you this

Do you

Dream of me?


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