Brinsworth: The Teacher, The Child And The Wardrobe

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This "Short Story" is about a terrible teacher that locks children in a small and claustrophobic wardrobe to make them suffer.

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



Its a cold and dark morning and everyone is entering the school, they go to registration when suddenly a teacher with messy, outdated clothes walks in and says \"May I borrow about 6 children to do jobs for me?\" Their teacher replies \"Okay, ill choose 3 girls and 3 boys\". The children go off with the teacher to a quiet room in B block, he walks the children in, sits them down, and has a little chat before dragging them into and locking them in a small claustrophobic wardrobe, he then asks other forms to borrow children and also locks them in the wardrobe. By the end of it all he has all the pupils and all the teachers in a wardrobe all crammed in with little space to breath, he ran his icy finger down the wardrobe doors heading for the lock... Suddenly the doors clang together and you lose all hope of escaping... As the helpless people inside the wardrobe struggle to escape the teacher that locked them in is searching the rest of the school for his next victims...

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