The Final Hour of Planet Earth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
This chapter introduces us to a few characters on a day that is just another day.

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The Final Hour of Planet Earth

Submitted: August 27, 2012

This chapter introduces us to a few characters on a day that is just another day. Read Chapter

The Last Days (Part 2)

Submitted: August 28, 2012

II The Last Days (part 2) Mark awoke after a restless nights sleep. It wasn’t pain that kept him up all night; (surprisingly he... Read Chapter

The Last Days (Part 3)

Submitted: August 29, 2012

III The Last Days (Part 3) The parking lot on Sunday morning at The Church of Tomorrow was packed as usual. They had outgrown the... Read Chapter

The Last Days (Part 4)

Submitted: August 31, 2012

IV The Last Days (Part 4) Mark was astonished at all he had just witnessed, he had never seen anything like it before. Gregg came... Read Chapter

The Days That Follow

Submitted: September 01, 2012

V The Days that Follow The days that followed passed quickly. Mark grew in the Lord with great determination. He spent much time ... Read Chapter

Caught Up

Submitted: September 02, 2012

VI Caught Up A little over a year had passed since Mark McFadden’s conversion.  He had been blessed with a great job with ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Submitted: September 05, 2012

VII Lilly Harden had gotten up late; (as usual since the tour), and could not believe the news she had awaken, to. She stood glued to... Read Chapter

chapter 8

Submitted: September 07, 2012

VIII The Oval Office was packed with people as President Mercer was preparing to take the platform to explain the disappearances. He ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Submitted: September 09, 2012

VIIII Oliver McFadden was making his way for The Church of Tomorrow. Dr, Jack Ingram had all his members called, saying he was going ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Submitted: September 10, 2012

X Mooney Lane got out of bed without a hangover for the first time in years. He had not felt like drinking since the people had van... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Submitted: September 11, 2012

XI Gregg could not believe he was standing in front of a crowd of people speaking something besides politics; (he had resigned from ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Submitted: September 14, 2012

XII Gregg had risen from bed early the next day in order to prepare himself for the teaching that night. He watched the news that m... Read Chapter

chapter 13

Submitted: September 18, 2012

XIII Many months had passed for planet Earth since the people had vanished; never to be seen again. Some people hung onto hope that... Read Chapter

chapter 14

Submitted: September 20, 2012

XIIII The first three years had passed and the world was under a heavy cloud of false security. The world leader had held true to a... Read Chapter

chapter 15

Submitted: September 24, 2012

XV The world continued on the first three and a half years with little regard to God. There were those that had gotten saved, but a... Read Chapter

chapter 16

Submitted: October 01, 2012

XVI The Lord had won the battle in Heaven against Satan. His final attempt had failed miserably; Michael the Archangel had led the ... Read Chapter