My life, My girl.

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about my life and how i love/miss my amazing baby.

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013



images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR9X7Ew3rNBB98aRzMPMdaMy Life, My Girl....\"heart\"

My life, my girl are the two things tht mean the world to mi without tht i dont noe where i wld be at.

smh my girl...... wat will i ever do wit out her. \"blush\"she is my world she is my everything and cnt nobody i mean nobody cld ever tk/change tht... we will fight intel theres no mo pain, we will fight intel we get wats rite... tears fall mo each and everyday\"crying\" tht we dnt get to hear each other voice on the phn/ see each others face on tht gd old oovoo/skype.

My Girl, My Life....\"heart\"

 i dnt wan to ever lose her...ppl say tht love is fake/ or its not real.. but i dnt beileve tht b/c thts not true i come from fam thts been together forever and for years and still together to this day.\"smiley\" thy put those amazing traits on mi...

soo we will prove everybody wrong.. plus the ppl who say all the negative things about it never really experience it or is only cing the bad tht thy have experience. but u never noe thy might fine true/real love lyke mi and thy will be on my side saying it is real cuz thy are experiencing it... Mi and my bby got it good even thoe we have alots of ups and dwns but ''we are going to make it through'' *TANKS VOICE*.\"yes\"

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