The Light of Transformation

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the magic of a clearing full of soft glowing lights and a transformation they make in a young lady

Submitted: June 22, 2010

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Submitted: June 22, 2010



Nine months earlier

She walked through the garden slowly her eyes concentrating on nothing in particular. They almost seemed vacant, as if she’s not seeing anything in front of her but something in the deep recesses of her mind. The moon above her lighted her way with its soft silvery glow. Her footsteps were slow and steady, dragging across the ground to occasionally catch in a root on the ground. This was the third such occasion that she had done this, this week alone, the sleep walking attacks getting more frequent every week; almost like a sense of desperation had overcome her. Like she senses that time is running out for what she is seeking.
Slowly crossing the garden she reached the woods that boarder her property pausing on the edge almost afraid to make that first step into the dark looming woods. The thin sheer nightgown that covered her; causing no protection from the chill night, the dark nipples seen through the sheer material hardened, goose bumps breaking out all over her body. A cold wind blew up, almost from nowhere circling her body, blowing the gauzy material away from her body. She lifts her arms up and the wind blows the nightgown up her body and over her head; blowing it away to circle over the yard, falling into a limp heap beside the open back door.
The breeze gently stroked along her exposed skin, causing her nipples to tighten further and between her legs to get damp. A soft low whispering started from the wind that's curling around her body, too low to be heard clearly but she cocked her head to the side thoughtfully as if she understood the low murmurings. Running her hands across her body she entered the woods taking long sure steps as if she is no longer plagued by the uncertainties she was before.
Before long she reached a small clearing with a clear sparkling pond in one corner, slowly small ethereal lights start drifting up from the ground and between the trees bathing the clearing in a soft pastel glow. The yellows, pinks greens, blue and whites blending together to create a soft rainbow that illuminates her nude body.
Still asleep she crossed to the side of the clearing that the pond is in lowering herself to the ground; laying with her long black hair trailing in the water. The ends soaked up the water darkening them even further. She spread her legs as wide as she could and brings one hand down to between them spreading the soft folds of flesh in offering, exposing her womanly core; the soft lights causing the wetness to almost sparkle. As one the soft lights swooped down to land on her exposed body some alighting upon her hard nipples; their soft wings fluttering against the sensitive buds, while others alighted upon the exposed flesh between her legs; the soft fluttering of their wings causing her to moan low in her throat. Causing her to get wetter and wetter her juices coating the small figures between her legs.
Her moans got louder and louder as she neared orgasm, the soft fluttering wings working their magic on her body. When she was nearly there a blue light that had not been participating stoped fluttering overhead and swooped down to where she lay. The blue light shone brighter than all the other lights together and a smile lit her face as it skimmed over her face, gently brushing her lips almost in a kiss, to settle between her legs.
Just as she was reaching orgasm it flew inside of her riding the contractions until it reached her womb filling her with a bright glow that could be seen through her skin. The glow got even brighter lighting up the entire clearing with a bright flash as he placed a tiny white and silver bead on the middle of her womb deep in the lining. The flash got even brighter lighting up the whole woods as she cries out in ecstasy passing out from the pleasure when he flies out of her back to the clearing.
Knowing the time is near she runs to her favourite clearing in the woods and settles down next to the pond running her hands through the crystal clear waters and gathering a few water lilies to twist through her hair. The pink of the flowers matching the short sparkly top she was wearing, the fury sleeves keeping her warm even though her stomach was exposed to accommodate the swelling.
As the sun reached the centre of the sky shining down through the gap in the trees onto her the lights appeared, circling her singing their joyous song. The first contractions shook her body and she laid down on the grass letting the pains sweep through her body trying to relax. One by one the little lights got bigger and turned into beautiful winged people who sat around her singing their praises that the heir will finally be born, the king not rendered infertile from the centuries of waiting for one to be worthy of his queen.
As the contractions got closer and closer together she cries out in pain feeling the child inside of her shift down, pushing his way out of her body into the bright day. She shoots her head up in worry that he will fall onto the ground and be harmed but her king was kneeling between her legs cradling their baby.
Without saying a word he passes her the tiny bundle, the golden haired baby turning into a small yellow ball of light in her hands. All of the people on the clearing start turning back into the delicate balls of light until she was the last one left, then all of a sudden a bright pink light emanated from her skin and she rapidly shrunk joining the rest of her kind to fly off deep into the woods to her new home her baby cradled between her and the king.

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