the long black veil

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a short story based on a song by burl ives the long black veil incorperating the lyrics into the story
written for a challenge

Submitted: July 14, 2010

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Submitted: July 14, 2010



It was a dark cold night when my life ended. At the end I was all alone, exactly like I expected but the one I thought would at least care never shed a tear. Mercifuly it was quick, just like the events leading to it but no less sad. For this is my tale a tale of a man wrongly accused and swiftly delt with. If you wish to hear it…..

It was ten years ago on a cold cold night, when someone was killed neath the town hall lights. There was few at the scene but they all agreed that the slayer who ran looked a lot like me. Now I was nowhere near the town hall that night I was in a farm house just outside the borders of the town wrapped in a lovers sweet embrace. I had just returned home and was looking forward to my own bed and a few hours of sleep wrapped in her sweet scent before I had to go to work the next morning. That’s when the knocks came upon my front door. More like a barrage then knocks and when the dorr broke down they came in and dragged me straight to the town centre where a large crowd had gathered.
Everyone in the crowd had the same look in their eyes. Condement for the crime comitted and my life forfeit. Not one person in the crowd doubted my crime and they wanted me to pay. All except for one. She was standing there near the front not looking at me this hurt my heart but I knew it could be no other way. When the two young men that were witnesses came forward and proclaimed me as the murder the people started jeering yelling for me to be hung but the judge held up his hands for scilence.
The judge said son what is your alibi if you were somewhere else then you wont have to die. I spoke not a word although it ment my life, for I had been in the arms of another mans wife. When the judge was sure that I was not going to give up an alibi he hung his head and led me towards the scaffold. They tyed my arms behing my back and stood me above the platform. Then they put the noose around my kneck and asked if I had any last words to say.
Scaffold was high and eternity near she stood in the crowd and shed not a tear. I slowly shook my head no and watched as her husband pulled her close to him shielding her from what was about to happen. I never condemed her for her actions because sometimes at night while a cold wind blows she stands by my grave and cries soft and low.
She walks the night in a long black veil, she visits my grave when the night winds wail. She cared for me as much as I did for her so I died to protect her secret and saved her life.  But some times at night when a cold wind blows she visits my grave and cries soft and low.

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