The wind is so cold

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How we can be our own guide and lost at same time...

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



The wind is so cold
And all the rain became snow
My footsteps are no longer there
I don’t know to where I’m going
I don’t know from where I came

I remember
No other Time…
I remember…

I was my own Earthquake
And I shook myself to life
To wake up and rise up from the ground
I was my own fire
And I sat down quietly
As my world burned down

Flames are so hypnotic
Flames are so pretty
Flames are so brilliant, so deadly, so warm…
…And I, I’m just a bit psychotic
And broken behind repair
I’m not the same…
I learnt to keep my borderlines on fire
To keep my domains safe
A good defense is a good defense

…But in nights like tonight
I feel so empty
And I can’t hold myself together
I’m scared, I’m alone
I’m at middle of a crossroad
Between paths I had never intended to follow
I’m lost, I’m tired
I got no place to go…

I’m my own strength
I’m my own peace
My will is my own galleon
And the intrepid sea beneath
Rage and love
Inside a bleeding soul
I used the ashes of my house
To built my own meaning of home

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
And there is no place like …
A Battle Field name Home

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