Give it to me Your Way

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Falling for someone you know would never want someone like you while trying to let go of the last person you where with can be…hard.

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012




I’m afraid to say it out loud but I whisper it to myself day and night,

and every second I’m not talking to you feels like a second wasted.

You are in love with him and you know it when you…

Smile and laugh at the most ridiculous things he says;

when you smile at a picture of him.

I know I should not but I cannot help what I feel.

So I whisper to the silence…

Give it to me your way.

I know my way would never work.

You are so perfect and so real while I’m so fake and superficial.

I know my way will never work so…

Give it to me your way.

I don’t stand a chance but when you laugh and when you talk to me;

I can’t help but hope that there can be more then what my heart tells me.

There is a voice inside my head that says don’t do it;

and there is the mark of my last attempt that keeps reminding me of what I’ve tried and failed to do.

When you laugh and my heart skips a beat I can’t help but whisper…

Give it to me your way.

I don’t want your best;

Or your perfection;

Neither your change.

I want you now just now and just the way you are in your most beautiful imperfection.

I can look at your picture,

refresh the page and look at you again and again.

I can tell myself there is nothing there, but I can’t hide the truth forever.

The heart is full of emotion and can only hold so much inside.

I wonder what makes you so different from my last,

But I won’t be wondering for too long because every time I speak to you I’m reminded of the difference.

So give it to me in your imperfect way.

I want all of you in your imperfect way.



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