tomorrows memories.

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Remembering loves beautiful song.

Submitted: June 19, 2010

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Submitted: June 19, 2010



we would text each other late into the night.
i would flirt with you not so subtly and you would so not get it.
you were so much like a dream.
you know that feeling you get
when you want someone so badly
your chest hurts and your tummy
is filled with the fluttery wings of butterflies
and sometimes
you forget to breath when your around them..
i think thats what love feels like.
but i can't be sure.
i remember i would think about you
at night when my head fell to my pillow
and i would feel the memory of you between my legs.
memories that hadn't happened yet.
tomorrows memories.
i would dream about you
i always dreamed that you were dreaming of me too.
when we said goodnight i would end our conversations with
alove always but you were such a boy.
you never got it.
i wonder why
after all these years
i still cant stop thinking about you
before i fall asleep.
maybe it'sbecause you were the only good dream i've had.

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