Lost Love (Forever Love part 2)

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Lost Love is the sequel to Forever Love. A story about first love.

Submitted: October 18, 2013

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Submitted: October 18, 2013



Lost Love


Marcus had become so special to Sally over the first year of their relationship. The feelings Sally had for Marcus was like nothing she had ever felt before. She wanted to be with him all the time. Marcus was different from Simon. Yes she was giddy and was always smiling around Simon. But Marcus was different. Marcus made her feel complete. As if she had found her other half. Even though they were now only 17, they both knew that this was different. Sally had been with other boys in the past, even when she was still thinking about Simon most of the time, but none of those boys made Sally feel the way she does when she is with Marcus.  And with Marcus Sally didn’t think about Simon. She was happy. Yes they fought, like any couple does but they always sorted it out. Sally knew once you found love you had to fight for it.

Not long after their one-year anniversary Marcus found out he had an apprenticeship in another town that was about half an hour from Sally’s house. He was leaving school so they would not see each other everyday but he would still live at home and just travel to work. Sally was a little upset by this but she realised that Marcus needed to follow his dreams and they couldn’t be together all the time. Sally stayed at school and completed year twelve so that she could get into university to study to be a teacher. This was her dream. Sally was worried that they would fall apart because they would hardly see each other. But she was not going to give up on their love that easily. They didn’t see much of each other for the next few months. They talked every night and each time Sally herd Marcus’ voice she melted inside. She knew what they had was real and distance couldn’t keep them apart. It wasn’t long before Marcus turned eighteen and got his licence. He picked Sally up from school every Friday and they spent the weekends together. Once Sally got her licence she even stayed at Marcus’ house during the week because she wanted to be with him. At the end of year twelve and their two-year anniversary, Marcus moved to Springfield for his work. Sally began working full time for her gap year before starting university so they were not able to see each other as much as they would have liked. After about six months Sally got a job in Springfield and moved in with Marcus to begin their life together. She wasn’t thinking about where she would live while at University yet as that was still eighteen months away; she had time to work that out. She had her place in the course and she knew she would follow her dreams then but right now her dreams were to live with Marcus and have a life with him.

Their life together began just as though they were still in the honeymoon period of their relationship but living in a small unit in the middle of town soon began to take its toll on the both of them and the cracks started to show. Sally, being a country girl who had never lived in town before was struggling even with simple things like not having pets around, this was a killer for her. Marcus was used to working on his farm with his father after work so he was feeling it too. They moved to a slightly bigger house however this didn’t really make much difference for them. They were still fighting over the smallest things. Then along came Dimmy, a tiny little kitten that they took under their wing and he became like their son. Having Dimmy around really brought them back together. Those nights with the three of them cuddled up in bed were precious moments for both Sally and Marcus. They even made some new friends in Springfield and were fitting into the community well. Life was great for Sally and Marcus. At this point.

When the time came closer for Sally to begin University, Sally and Marcus realised that they did not want to live apart. It was going to be a tough decision because Marcus was still working in Springfield and he didn’t want to leave his job to move. University was over an hours travel from Springfield and being a student, Sally wouldn’t be able to afford the fuel costs for long. Marcus knew he wanted to buy a house in the next few years, maybe not to live in, but as an investment property. Then they discovered the little town of Corowa. It was about halfway between Springfield and Albany, where Sally was to go to University. Marcus made the decision to buy a house in Corowa so that they could live together whilst Sally was at University.  Sally knew from then on that Marcus really was the one for her. He chose to buy a house in Corowa just for her, just so that they could be together. She knew that she had to fight for their love no matter what was thrown at them because she knew it would be hard to find someone who made her feel the way she does and who would do anything for her as Marcus does.

It was like beginning a new adventure. Moving to new town together, making new friends. And now that they were further away from home, where all their friends were it meant that they had to travel back and forth a lot. Then came the year of twenty-first birthdays. Sally and Marcus had been together for over four years now so they were very committed to each other and Sally had thought of Simon very little over these years. Until now. She saw that he was on the invite list for one of their friends parties and thought it would be good to catch up with him and see how he has been going over the years since they finished school. Sally loved Marcus very much but she found her self smiling when she saw Simons name on that list. She looked over at Marcus, lying on their bed next to her oblivious of Sally’s thoughts. Sally had told Marcus about the feelings she once had for Simon, and he didn’t really seem to mind because he knew how much Sally loved him. She was committed to him. No matter what.

In the few days leading up to the party Sally found herself getting quite excited. She wasn’t sure weather it was because she was going to catch up with some friends who she had not seen for a long time or weather it was because she was going to see him. Simon. He would be there. The boy who she thought she belonged with. Even though now she was in a committed relationship with someone else. At the party Sally had had just a few drinks, well she thought only a few and it began to show. She found herself nearly following Simon around, not like a stalker but if he was catching up with some old school friends Sally happened to be taking to those same people. Before to long Sally found her self slightly flirting with Simon. The feelings she thought she no longer had were re surfacing and there was nothing she could do about it. At the end of the night Sally and Simon exchanged numbers on the vibe that they would catch up for a fishing trip. Marcus was beginning to see how Sally was acting around Simon and decided to call it a night. On the way home Simon, who was sober said noting to Sally, who was raving on and on about this fishing trip the three of them must do.

In the weeks that followed Sally couldn’t help but think about Simon. What could have been. What would her life be like now if she weren’t with Marcus? Sally felt a sense of guilt filling her body because she loved Marcus with all of her heart but she still had a soft spot for Simon and she was struggling to hide it. Marcus forgot about that night and never confronted Sally about her flirty behaviour with Simon because he knew it was an old flame and that Sally truly loved him and he would never have to worry about Sally perusing Simon. One night they were laying in bed watching T.V together, their usual nightly routine. Sally scrolling through her phone.

“BITCH” Sally screamed. “What’s wrong?” Said Marcus in a concerned way. “OH no nothing. It doesn’t matter”.

The reaction that overpowered Sally when she saw the photo of her was not what she expected. Sally was looking at a photo of Simon’s new girlfriend. She was really pretty and she was holding a fish in the picture.

“The bitch is into fishing as well” Sally muttered. “What?”

“Oh it doesn’t matter” Sally reassured Marcus that nothing was really concerning her but she knew it was. What was this feeling powering through Sally’s body. Running through her veins? Could this be jealousy? No. No. It just couldn’t be. Sally had been with Marcus for over four years and she loved him very much. She couldn’t possibly still have feelings for Simon. Could she?

Sally began her first year of university a few months later. She was finding it hard to adjust to this new life after working in the same place for the last nearly two years. Sally was a stress head at the best of times but adjusting to study was really taking its toll on her. And whom did she take it out on? Marcus. The person who was the closest to her. They began fighting again. ALL THE TIME. Sally would take out all her frustrations on Marcus and he couldn’t take it any more. On the way home from Melbourne, a trip to visit Marcus’ mother, they had had another big fight over who knows what. After a few minutes of silence Sally finally spoke up.

“Are we ok?” Sally asked Marcus without looking at him, reaching out to touch his leg.

“I don’t know”.

I don’t know? I don’t know? What is that supposed to mean? Was Marcus going to break up with me? Sally’s mind was running at a million miles an hour trying to adjust to the words she had heard. I don’t know.

“What do you mean you don’t know? Do you want to break up?”

“No, no I don’t want to break up. I love you”

Ok good so he didn’t want to break up with me but what was going to happen next? Sally was trembling at this stage and she pulled the car over.

“We can’t keep going like this. We can’t keep fighting” Marcus said with tears in his eyes. “No matter what happens we will still be friends”

“Don’t. Don’t say that. We wont be friends. Don’t play that card on me” Sally was balling her eyes out not able to put two words together anymore.

The next few months were much easier than expected. Sally had leaned to control her anger and not take it out on Marcus. They were speaking o each other much nicer and Marcus was constantly telling Sally how much he loved her. The fight was just what they needed. The thought of loosing Marcus snapped Sally out of her anger management issues and she appreciated what they had much more.

Marcus always finished work at four and was usually home by half past. Maybe quarter to at the latest. Sally had lost track of time preparing some muffins for Marcus. She looked at the clock it was quarter to six. Where was he? Sally immediately rang his mobile but it rang out. She rang his work they said that he had left on time. Her heart began to sink. Then came the knock on the door. It was Dave. Marcus father. It was clear that he had been crying.

“There was an accident”.

 It all went black from there.

The next few weeks were all a blur. People coming and going. Coming and going. One evening there was a knock on the door. Who could be coming around this late? There he stood. It was him. It was Simon. That was the first time Sally had smiled in weeks.

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