Confussion Between Your Words

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When someone tries to lie to you than they claim they didn't by covering it up.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



I wake up in sweat and tears non-stop


As I grasp the bed in agony


My dreams turn into nightmares,




The room begins to twist and turn growing cold and dark


I hear whispers as my feet touch the ground


I shiver, I scream words of unknown




I remember those cherishing moments with you before, breaking me with all our promises in half


I think back to the hurt that you’ve caused


Your soft words tell me stay, that you still love me




When another side of you screams, like shattered glass of hateful lies


Shaken yet disturbed by what you call the truth,


How can care for or even love with a heart as dark as yours?




When your groping all over her, tangled in a net of lies


All you are with her is friends, that’s what you claim


What you don’t know will soon begin to show, broken unwanted patches of distrust breakthrough you within each step




Innocence is a word you can say but can’t pursue


You laugh at me, ha ha, when the joke is on you


Admit it! You lost the precious key to my dying heart




Walk away, never look back, and don’t bother coming back


Screw yourself and others over, mess with me your in for a beating


Chains unravel as the pain, slowly moves away into the dark past




Moving forward, trust isn’t an option anymore


Every one is considered an enemy; there are no friends only foes


Hate has conquered love,


Hell takes down heaven as the angels fight for will

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