The World of Pastries

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Pastries galore!

Submitted: June 07, 2013

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Submitted: June 07, 2013



The bakery consists of many things, but baked goods is the main priority

For there are ovens and mixing bowls,

The dough is made for the bread to roll.

It’s like edible art with scratch and sniff scents, it’s whole gallery for the world to see


Muffins and cupcakes are like tasty sponges, with a fluffy or tart flavor

Cookies and scones come in many varieties; the shapes, colors, and taste will leave you breathless

Cakes are meant for any event, for the money is so easy to make due


In this world of pastries,

cookies may crumble and burn

cupcakes will soften and become light-brown

The baker knows his job is done,

Once he sees the smiling faces on the customers he’s won over

The money holds up his life, but his love of baking keeps this very bakery alive


The world of pastries, is the mind of a true baker

The baker sits upon his chair, admiring the masterpieces he has made

For he knows, as long as it stands

His love for baking will never end

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