Secret Friend

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This is a poem that I concocted in the middle of last summer. I have to say that this poem is quite similar to Emilie Autumn's 'Ghost'. It was an inspired by that poem so I don't feel right taking all of the credit. I have to give some to Emilie Autumn, who is a poet and musician; my favorite for that matter. Because some references may be subtle it's about a little girl who fell in love with a ghost. It's a poem that is quite far away from my literary frame for I don't usually make romantic pieces. But I hope you enjoy this anyway!

Submitted: May 31, 2011

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Submitted: May 31, 2011



Secret Friend

I know nothing of who you are or what you look like

But I seem to forget to breathe when you are near

So many indescribable emotions swirl around in me when you come along

I love the way I cannot comprehend the way I feel toward you

All I know is that when you have gone away I am lost

I remember when you first appeared in my bedroom in the middle of the night

You played with my hair and sang me sweet lullabies

I believed it was but a dream until you had repeated it the next night

You promised that you would never abandon me

And I promised that I would forever talk to you and hear you

From that day forward, you came along whenever I was left alone

Except that one time in school when you punished those bullies

Never again did they dare to yank on my pigtails or spit on my dress

You were always there to comfort me when my father had returned home

My owies didn't hurt anymore when you were present

But why when I always try to show you to my siblings or mother

You run and hide away from them

My mother worries from the thought that I possess no friends

But I cannot assure her that it is a lie if you won't appear

Why are you so frightened?

The putrid breath of my father burns my nose when he scolds me

His kisses hurt a lot especially if they are from his hands

Your reluctance to reveal your presence to my family

Has caused me so much rejection and pain

Yet you are always the one I turn to for consolement afterward

After so much contempt I have received from my family

I finally see why you choose not to show yourself

For fear of being bruisd up like I was

My sisters and brothers torment me when I stay up at night

Sharing my concerns and joys to your ever open ears

This crummy, little cottage is no longer a home because of you

But I would do everything again if it meant you would be with me

Nevertheless, I no longer wish to be in this place

With all the disdainment and suffering surrounding me

I only want you for you are all I need

When I go to bed tonight I have a favor you must carry out

Do whatever you can to prevent me from ever waking up

Let us leave this wicked world and dance among the stars

Will I be able to see you, and touch you, and kiss you then?

Well, my friend, there is only one way to find out

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