Red by Definition Pt 2 Nations

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Mysteries spring Forth through Perception blinding Insight...

Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



Red by Definition Pt 2 Nations

By Cyril Lucracy Aurelga

Ambience: Pre-Parade – Rie Kugimiya

(Start at “He looked down“ )

The boy sat under the autumn-painted tree. He looked at his hands with black-bordered eyes. Each had calluses that strung around every wrinkle made.

“What’s happening,” he softly uttered to himself.

“Something amazing,” a meek voice rang from behind the tree.

The boy sat, left speechless by the voice.

“You saved me,” it said to him.

“…so now you’ll be rewarded,”

“How,” the boy asked.

…there was silence. He looked around the back of the tree, when he looked forward, a girl, about his age, appeared in front of him.

She had a blouse on under a black vest and a white-red plaid skirt on; the school uniform and a black sweater with a red trident embroidered on the shoulder…

“You’ll have to find that out yourself, ‘kay?” she chimed in.

He looked down from her green-eyed gaze to think.

When he looked up to speak she had a glistening black katana over her head.

He gasped and rolled out of the way.

She slammed down the blade, nearly splitting the tree in half.

“What the hell are you doing!?” he yelled.

“…you seem frustrated, so I’m ending your misery,” she said happily.

“What?!” he cried.

She readied the blade in an uprising priority and charged with a small smile on her face.

The petite girl swung upward narrowly missing him.

He bent his legs and travelled hypersonically, the girl’s eyes followed him though.

She was in perfect sync with his movements.

He stopped and flipped through the air over her, then rushed forward.

The girl was pinned to the tree now, much to his delectation.

She struggled against his grip, then, when she found her strength to be no use, settled.

“Comfy now?” he teased.

She looked away from him with a frown.

He looked away to think.

When he looked back she was kissing him…

The boy made a muffled scream and pulled away, letting her go.

She smirked at him with evil eyes.

“Ugh, that tasted like…like iron!” he called out.

He looked around, then shuttered.

Black fireballs roared across the earthy floor.

The boy yelled out and bounded through the barrage, distorting his image.

He saw the girl and fired a jab.

A quake of destruction tore up the ground around the blast of differing forces.

Midnight sparks flew in all directions erupting from the blade.

The smoke cleared and she was gone.

Breaking confusion, a screeching cut through the boy’s ears, and he saw a black eternity ripping through the dirt.

His life flashed before his eyes.

But the noise stopped.

He’d halted it in his hand, monstrously gloved in black and red and wavering with crimson electricity.

The girl smiled and held the sword over her head, where it disintegrated into obsidian dust. The boy looked at her fang-set grin, confused. Without a word, she handed him a card tied by a small chain and patted his shoulder. With her hand rose so he could see it, her legs disappeared, followed by her chest and turned around, her contented face. He read the card. Marked on it was a date and time.

“See you then,” was written on it followed by a trident with a halo over it.

The boy sighed and fell asleep against the lacerated tree.

The girl’s sinister face stuck in his mind as blackness shrouded.





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