Red by Definiton

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The Meek shall Reverse

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012



Red by Definiton

A Short Story by Cyril Lucracy Aurelga

Ambience: Shut Up and Explode - Boom Boom Satellites

(Begin music at "When he opened them”)

Blood spattered on the ground as the red-eyed boy was bullied. The ruffians kept launching punch after punch. The child’s vision became hazy, and his skin felt numb. He tried to fight back, but the pain paralyzed him. With all his essence he really did try to lash out. A sudden left knocked him over. The boy couldn’t move, his body ached all over. The largest took out a set of brass knuckles, standing over the helpless child, through his fist up and took a knee, backed up and swung his fist down. The wind stung around it, screeching out..!

The boy peeked out and saw that his opponent was knocked out. A rock scattered on the ground in front of him, a girl in a black sweater over her school uniform to his right. He hobbled to a stand.

“Who are you,” he asked.

She didn’t answer.

He stood there, confused.

The bullies rounded her and restrained her.

She cried out, but the boy didn’t know what to do.

The skinniest pulled out a switchblade and held it to the girl’s cheek.

The child’s eyes widened and his breathing was labored.

Then it all turned to red, he couldn’t see, not one thing.

He was scared, but he was more worried about the girl.

Then the fear deepened; he heard a slit and a scream.

The boy closed his eyes.

When he opened them his body moved on its own.

He lunged forward, and the bullies backed away and smiled. They attacked. The skinny one threw a jab, but the boy caught it and slung the dumbstruck kid over his back, where he landed on his face. The other ran and lashed out with a chain. The boy stampeded to the taller thug and intentionally wrapped the chain around his arm. He tugged it and the bully tried to keep hold but the metal-rimmed rope cut his hands open. The boy grinned and whipped the kid with his own weapon, throwing the defeated against the wall. The girl just sat and stared at her hero.

The three got up, dazed from their enemy’s hits. The three grabbed their weapons from the debris around themselves. The boy’s red hair ruffled around in the wind. They charged…

… …

The boy screamed out, tearing the ground around him. The large one punched forward with his brass-knuckle set and the boy shifted the assailant’s hand past his chest, crashing into the skinniest of them,resonating a snapheard all around.The tallest had strung the chain around his fists in mimicry.The boy ducked and dodged around each hit. He rolled behind and pulled the bully’s arm around in front of his back and broke his fingers. He cried out in awful pain. The bullies had all passed out. The boy walked slowly to the girl. She had a large cut from her eye to chin.

“Who are you,” he asked.

She didn’t say anything, as he knew the answer when she smiled.

© Copyright 2017 Cyril L Aurelga. All rights reserved.

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