Time Cut in the Shop Pt 2 All the Way Home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
The continuation.

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




Time Cut in the Shop Pt2. The Long Path Home

By L.C.A. Philip

Ciel opened his eyes, a moment later realizing he’d fallen asleep. He checked his watch, the small light it

had shown exhibiting 12:43. He jumped up out of his seat. Trisch was still asleep, still sprawled out over

the wooden surface of the table.

They had to be up in the early for the morning shift.

He thought for a bit.

He knew if he tried to bestir her, it still wouldn’t get her up.

With grim dignity, he upraised her onto his back.

The heat made him tickle and she was surprisingly light.

Even though the yearning was setting in I didn’t want to acridify her.

Ciel got his jacket, slung it over Trisch’s back and walked out the door. He didn’t live far, and neither did

co-worker so he usually just made the commute on foot.

With calves in hand, he trailed on Trisch toward the intersection.

He was trying to keep her propped up. At first it was succeeding. Then she suddenly fell forward.

Her chin was resting on his head and the calefaction was increasing.

Ciel’s eyes wandered behind his head, trying to look back at her legs.

They came to Trisch’s house.

A baize colonial.

He tried the entrance. It opened.

Ciel took Trisch to her room and laid the girl down onto the bed airily

Just as his hand slid across the bed, she grabbed onto it.

He looked at her once again.

With weariness in his eyes, Ciel managed a smile.

As he tried to remove the semi-tight grip of her arms wrapped up around, he noticed a reaction in her


The weight she put into the hold increased, pulling Ciel down.

Trisch’s arms moved and coiled around his chest.

He motioned backward and stared at her closed eyes.

He was still wondering her dreams. Her vague, ambiguous, dreams as she snuggled against him harder.

Then just as Ciel closed his, Trisch’s eyes opened to his quietly enlivened form. She thought for a bit,

Then as the haze in her head started to clear she fell back in to the void of sleep next to the listening

Ciel, anticipating a continuation.

© Copyright 2020 Cyril L Aurelga. All rights reserved.

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