Ageing through the seasons

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
Using the four seasons as an analogy, the Human story can be told in its entirety.

Submitted: July 20, 2013

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Submitted: July 20, 2013



The saplings are planted into the compost.

Under the watch of two gardeners.

A couple bonded by feelings and fate;

She nurtured them with love and care.

He nurtured them with a firm but gentle hand.

They cared for the saplings in this lovely spring,

To watch them grow day-by-day is their life's pleasure.



As the saplings are growing to trees,

In the passionate rays of the Hot Summer sun,

They placed wooden supports,

To make sure they grew right and straight.

They watched as the tree grew taller and taller.

When the young trees can stand on their own,

When their roots are firm and they are ready,

They remove the supports and let them grow.

The trees blossomed,

Covered with Red flowers,

Tinted with fine yellow.

Their beauty grows daily,

The couple beamed with pride.


At the onset of autumn,

The trees are no longer young.

Their leaves left, one by one,

Turned orange and stray,

Riding on the Winds of Fate.

They began to bear pink fruit.

Each of them sweet and delightful.

The gardeners watched ,

With greying hair and wrinkled skin.

They looked on with affectionate longing.

They do not have long.

They touched the tall trees,

For one last time.


The snow falls from the Winter clouds,

Covering the trees' empty branches.

Father Frost blew all over the land.

The trees, withering but sturdy,

Withstanding his every breath.

The gardeners did not prepare,

They did not warm their house.

They simply embrace the cold,

For they knew their time is up.


Only Lifeless bark remained in the Harsh Winter.

There is no life, for death have claimed them

Through his icy jaws.

When the cold had finally thawed,

Luscious Green leaves grew from the cold branches .

The trees came back to life.

They have been chosen,

to continue the never-ending cycle,

Of Death and Rebirth.

Till they are finally ready to meet their maker,

In the Gardens of Eden.




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