Life written in the Sands

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The temporal existence of life

Submitted: September 09, 2013

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Submitted: September 09, 2013



My life is written in these sands,

The sands that flowed from the Creator's hand

Into the glass of time.

I travelled the desert and seen it all

The Harshness of the Sun,

The Coldness of the Moon,

The sweet relief of life's springs

The despair of the forsaken stretch,

I saw the riches of this world

And those who inhabit it.

I felt the warmth of many souls,

As well as the spite of others.

I built my empire from sand

Let the sands tell you my story,

Slowly but surely,

I felt the winds of change,

Erasing each and every letter and word.

Everything slowly crumbles, blasted by sand.

My legacy... all that I worked for...

I could only look on and weep.

Soon, there will be nothing left but sand.


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