Man's Pretense

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Sick of people being so self-sacrificial. People should learn to live more for themselves, to be a little more selfish.
The Old Lie: Dulce et Decorum est

Submitted: October 25, 2013

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Submitted: October 25, 2013



Stop it with your delusions and lies,

Every single Human is inherently selfish,

As is Nature since the beginning of life.

We all exist to satisfy our primal urges,

To dominate and to breed

More of our tyrannical kind.

To achieve the common goal of happiness,

Our methods would clash.

After all, Inequity rules reality,

Those with power rule, while the weak will be cast away,

Forgotten to the tides of History.

So stop it with your fallacious notion of a ‘common good’.

Are you willing to martyr yourself?

Throwing away your life, for a purpose so hollow,

For strangers whom you never met and never knew.

Playing with the lives of others,

You would take the ultimate sacrifice.

But that‘s what you will always be,

Just a sacrifice for the ‘Greater Good’,

So that other may find happiness from your demise.

Martyrs never got to truly live the life they wanted.

Through their ‘noble’ hecatomb,

They rejected everything that life has to offer,

The beauty and the happiness of Eden,

Bringing pain to those they left behind.

You really want your reality to be a tragedy?

Blood has drained into the apathetic earth,

Since time immemorial.

It’s impossible to make an utopia for everyone,

So isn’t it about time, you live for yourself- Tyrant?

Indulge in your carnal pleasures,

As much you want, make the world

A better place or a living hell;

It’s ultimately your choice,

Just find your happy place

While you still have the time.

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