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Night-life in the city

Submitted: December 25, 2013

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Submitted: December 25, 2013



While casting a rod into the moon-well

To catch stars gone astray,

My eyes would always turn to the lights above the bay,

The gleaming city; innumerable stars all along its shell

Comets by design, flew along her intricate roadways.

The noise of life echoed through the labyrinth

Born of welded steel, dull concrete and glimmering glass

Sitting alone upon the tapestry of clouds,

I watched as everything passed me by,

It never stopped growing, ever-changing.

The people-her life blood comes and goes.

Buildings rose and fell and rise again-

Bigger than before.

Old scars became patched up.

Defecation is purged from its system

Through efficient Human locomotion

The cold wind blasted my static figure.

Standing in vindication, I came.

My seed flew on upwards,

Transcending the distance,

Flowing into her, bound by Fate’s strings

Our thoughts coalesced;

We melded, to become one in body and mind,

Glistening in the moonlight.

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