The Desire to End Everything

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Submitted: October 15, 2013

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Submitted: October 15, 2013



Flaming arrows smashed onto the urban landscape,

Sweeping away all that’s unclean and corrupt;

The white collar slaves and their corporate slavers,

The proletarians, the plebeians

And the myopic masses.

The atmosphere ignites;

They were all consumed in the firestorm,

Which soon grew to devour the entire globe.

Homes, schools and offices became melted down to slag,

The World rips itself apart; magma cracks appear across its surface.

Everything burns, leaving nothing but smouldering skeletons and ash.

It’s the end of everything we know, as cinders rained from above.

There's no more signs of life in this damned existence,

As the last soul light fled Into the dark reaches of space.

There will be nothing left

But an endless lifeless wasteland, stretching

Across the charred earth...

She watched the Eschaton played out.

Tucked Safely, on the park bench.

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