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Zoe Donovan was pushed out of the family for her own safety. But four years later her old life is still haunting her. Will meeting Alexandro keep her safe or put her in the line of fire?

Submitted: September 12, 2013

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Submitted: September 12, 2013



“I think we took the wrong exit”

Stephanie stepped on the brake, making me slam forward onto the dashboard.

“Geez Steph, I just saw my life flash before my eyes” I gasped.

She turned to roll her eyes at me; then proceeded to twist around in her seat to dig through the bags.

“Got it!” She exclaimed, waving the piece of paper in the air.

I snatched it out of her hand, ignoring her protest and glanced down to it.

“Z, I know where I’m going, okay? I’ve been to my grandparent’s lake house plenty of times before.”

“Oh really?” I turned a raised eye brow to her “Because our exit was 12 miles back.”

She groaned, slamming her head against the steering wheel. I shook my head and laughed at my best friend who always seems to get us lost even if we were in our little town of Winchester. She sighed, lifting her head and moving the car back onto the lonely dark highway. It was our last year of college and we were spending spring break down at Stephanie’s grandparent’s house.

“Tyler’s gonna be pissed,” she grumbled.

Her brother had left a day before to set the house up for the big party Steph was throwing. Parties weren’t my thing, I would much rather stay home with my sketchbook, locked up in a room. But I couldn’t go home this time. It was too dangerous. Being the only girl in the family I was sent off to be away from the “men’s work”. Dad and my uncle Christian ran the family business and the numbers while my brother and cousins dealt with most of the heavy work that’s given them a few death scares. I sighed thinking about how much I missed them; I hadn’t seen my family since the incident. A silent tear ran down my cheek as the thought of how useless I was in the family business ran through my thoughts. Memories of my mother invaded my mind, God how I missed her.  And I hated cancer for taking her away from me. A hard slap on my forearm made me snap out of my haunting thoughts.

“You abuse me” I said, rubbing my now red arm, trying to stop the stinging.

Stephanie giggled, “You like it.”

I gave a dry laugh.

“On a serious note, are you okay?” She asked, concerned blue eyes meeting my chocolate brown eyes.

I shrugged, shifting in my seat to rest my forehead against the cool window, “I miss them.”

She let out a long sigh, “I’m your family too, and I promised your mom I’d look after you and this week I’m going to get you so drunk you won’t remember your own name.”

We exploded in a fit of laughter before pulling up beside the lake house.

“Let’s go get fucked up.” She winked at me and quickly got of the car, opening the trunk to get all the booze out. I sat in the car alone for some time while she made her way over to the neighboring house, where her crush Ethan lived. Taking a deep breath I opened the car door, only to hear a groan as the door made contact with someone’s shin.

“Oh my God; I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there!”

After some rubbing on the shin, the figure stood straight up. His hair seemed dark in the little light coming from the open car door.

“It’s fine, I didn’t realize there was someone in the car. Ty sent me over to the house to get his sisters best friend.”

I felt nervous; was it just me or did he sound dangerous… and sexy? “Well, you found her.”

I could feel his dark eyes examining my face. I gulped in the thick silence. I turned back to close the passenger door, walking past him to get my duffle bag out of the trunk before turning the other direction.

“The house is this way” he exclaimed, moving next to me.

“I need to drop off my stuff” I simply said, making my way up the lake house’s steps, fiddling with the keys in my hands to get into the house as fast as possible; whoever this guy was, he was doing a dam good job of making me nervous.

“Here” he said, taking both the duffle bag and keys out of my hands “wouldn’t want you to break a nail with all this work.”

I could almost feel his smirk. Rolling my eyes, I pushed past him, taking my things back, “please, you wouldn’t know hard work if it punched you in the face.”

Flicking the lights on I turned on my heel to face the guy who was pushing my buttons. He chuckled and my breath caught in my throat. His chocolate brown eyes matched his almost velvety hair, his smooth light skin forming dimples on his cheeks as he laughed. I regained control of my breathing and arched an annoyed eyebrow at him.

He stopped laughing, a dark shadow casting over his eyes, “you don’t want to know hard work like I have.”

I shrugged, “shame I don’t give a fuck” I said slamming the door in his face. I took in a deep breath; where did that come from? I was starting to sound like Dominic. I shook my head. My phone began to ring. Pulling it out of my back pocket I answered it.

“Speaking of the devil” I smiled into the phone.

My brothers deep chuckle filled my ear, “Miss me much?”

I rolled my eyes, “of course.”

He sighed, “I miss you too Z”

“What’s wrong now?”

I could hear his intake of breath, “Can’t a big brother just call his little sister when he misses her?”

I gave a dry laugh, “not in our family and not in the past 4 years. Please D, cut the bullshit, what’s wrong now?”

“They took Dad and Zane”

My legs buckled and I fell to the floor, “what happened?” my question just above a whisper.

“The Italian deal got out of hand. They think we stole money and sabotaged their deal with the Malkins’,” he sounded tired, “we’re in trouble until we can get them a new batch of arms.”

I waited for the rest.

He sighed heavily, “They’re going after you Zoe. They’ve been watching you in case they had to use you as a hostage in case we tried to play dirty. The Notte’s are after you.”

“I didn’t think I’d get dragged into the business again after mom died.”

He sighed into the phone, “Do you have your Magnum .44 with you?”

My hand almost instinctively went to the back of my jeans waistband, “Yep. Never leave the apartment without it.”

He chuckled. “You definitely have the Donovan love of guns.”

“Yeah well, I learned from the best. Look, I’ll keep my guard up and see if I can figure out where Dad and Zane are.”

“Zoe, this isn’t your fight. After mom died we all agreed to leave you out of the arms-dealing business and I sure as hell won’t let you get sucked into this fucking mess. I’m sending Luke and Marcel to keep watch on you and then –“

“Oh no,” I cut him off, “if you send those two muscle heads all the up here Steph will suspect something’s up and there’s a lot of people around, I don’t want them to get involved or start putting their noses in our business.”

“When did you become so stubborn?”

“Maybe it was the day my stubborn assed dad and brother left me for 4 years.”

I could imagine him shaking his head at me with eyes closed. “Well played Zoe Donovan, well played.”

I laughed, “I’m hanging up now D, I promise Ill be careful. Keep me posted on Dad and Z, I love you.”

Before he could say anything I ended the call, locking my phone and putting it on the table next to the staircase that lead to the rooms upstairs. I had a long night ahead of me but I was gonna ride it out in a tight mini dress and 6 inch heels.

~Later that night~

“Why aren’t you dancing?” Steph screamed in my ear as I sipped on my drink.

Shaking my head I nodded towards the dance floor full of grinding bodies. Just watching them dance made me feel awkward.

Steph groaned, “Come on! There are a hundred people here; no one cares if you can’t dance!”

I shook my head, “I’m good.”

She threw her arms up in defeat. “Fine, I’m getting Ethan drunk and taking him upstairs.” She wiggled her eyebrows at me before running off towards the dance floor.

“I see parties aren’t your thing.”

I rolled my eyes at the voice coming from behind me, not bothering to turn around I replied, “Only when there’s something that I like they are.”

I felt the heat of his body at my back, my behind nestling perfectly against his groin as he brought his mouth to my ear, “I see something I like. Let’s dance.”

Before I could protest, we were in the middle of the living room turned dance floor, with sweaty bodies around us. He sharply pulled me towards him and we moved to the music.

“You look amazing,” he said into my ear.

“Uh, thanks,” I hope he didn’t hear the shakiness in my voice. I was starting to feel hot.

He turned his head, our faces only inches apart.

“You know for someone who hates parties you dance pretty well.”

I could feel him between my legs, moving in a slow sensual rhythm. In the little light inside the house, I could see his almost perfect features and a smirk plastered on his face.

“My names Zoe by the way,” I said into his ear, not missing the slight goose bumps that seemed to form along his neck. He cleared his throat. “The names Alexandro, but you can call me Alex.”

Alexandro; I liked it. And the more we danced it seemed my body was starting to like him too. But I couldn’t shake the paranoid feeling that was consuming my mind. All I could think about was finding a way of getting my dad and cousin back home safely.

“You look like you’re in a different world,” Alex said into my ear.

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I focused on Alex’s handsome face. He looked about my age, 22, and seemed to be in shape. The more I stared into his eyes the more I felt something was wrong. Or maybe it was just my weird attraction to him; I’ve only known this annoying bastard for a couple of hours and I couldn’t seem to get him out of my head. As we kept dancing, our faces inched closer, our noses touching, and that feeling of danger ran through my body.

“Do I know you from somewhere?”

He stiffened but quickly regained his composure, giving me what seemed like a signature smirk before stating, “Are you trying to pick up on me?”

I stopped dancing and playfully punched his arm, “Ass. I’m leaving, this parties a dud.”

He opened his mouth to say something but I turned away, making my way through the sea of bodies as quickly as possible. I stumbled out of the backdoor, the chilly breeze making me almost run back into Stephanie’s grandparents house. Quickly shutting the door behind me I stopped dead in my tracks. The sound of shuffling feet in the living room made me take my gun in my hand. Making my way towards the room how Dominic trained me, I began to hear male whispers. Out of nowhere, I felt a body move up behind me and instead of following through with my training I let out a loud scream. A hand quickly covered my mouth before light poured in the room. The tough-assed face of Luke filled my vision.

“Do not scream Zoe, it is just us,” Marcel’s deep Latin voice filled my ears. My heart seemed to start beating again when he let go of me and before I could scold them for being there, Luke embraced me in the world’s tightest hug.

“ Can’t… breath…” I gasped, laughing.

“Oh sorry,” he began before letting go of me and examining me at arm’s length, “You’re grown since I last saw you.”

I grinned at them both, “Not looking too bad yourselves. But you shouldn’t of have come. I told Dominic I didn’t need you guys here, I don’t want anybody to start getting suspicious.”

They shook their heads at me, “We’re just following orders.”

“Well I’m going to bed,” I said as I began making my way up the stairs, “you should go to the party and see if anyone gives off a bad vibe.”

They looked at each other before nodding in agreement and making their way out the backdoor. I sighed in relief; tonight certainly was a long night.

~Sometime later~

Hoping into the almost scorching water I let my mind wander. The Notte’s were known to keep hostages in obvious places where no one would think to check. If they were coming after me, they could very well be hiding my family somewhere in my school. But it couldn’t be possible because someone would have reported a huge, scary Italian man. Cristofano Notte was no sweet heart when made angry. The feeling of anger began to rise in me as Alex’s face popped into my mind; he kept almost glaring at me the entire time we danced, giving me dark looks before his eyes would soften. But God he was sexy and both my body and mind have never reacted to a boy the way they were reacting to Alex. Closing my eyes I let the hot water cascade down my body, my mind imagining Alex in the shower with me, his hands on me the way they were on the dance floor, holding on to my hips and sometimes going lower. I turned the water off, getting out of the shower before hot images of Alex and I doing steamy things filled my mind.

“Wow you even look good wrapped in a towel.”

My head snapped around, Alex was leaning on the bathroom doorway, giving me one of his famous smirks.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

He pushed off the door, making his way toward me, “I heard a scream and came to see if you were okay. Sorry I took so long to get up here, I scanned the whole place, even the huge basement. But I’m glad I turned up when I did.”

We were standing so close to each other that the only thing in the way of our bodies touching was my hand which was clutching the towel to my chest. What seemed like an eternity of our breathing becoming shallow died off as he took my face in his hands, bringing his lips down to mine. My mouth quickly responded back, kissing him so hard it seemed my lips were going to bruise. He licked my bottom lip, asking for permission to deepen the kiss. My mouth seemed to open at its own accord, our tongues almost violently trying to taste every inch of each other’s mouths. I let my grip on the towel go to move my hands up to knot in his hair. The towel dropped and pooled around my ankles, my naked body being pulled to his fully clothed body. One of his arms dropped down, his hand snaking its way up my side until it reached my breast. My body turned making my breast land into the palm of his eager hand. He roughly squeezed, causing a moan to leave my mouth. My legs felt shaky as he continued to knead my breast, pinching my nipple in between each squeeze. I broke the kiss, gasping for some air. He brought his mouth down to my neck, leaving feather light kisses that caused my skin to tingle.

“Shirt, off” I demanded in a gasp. I could feel his smile on my throat. He stepped back quickly pulling his shirt over his head. He froze, his eyes looking me up and down, which only caused my nipples to harden even further and a new pool of hot liquid to drop between my legs. He pulled me back against him, naked chest on naked chest. He brought his lips back down to mine, biting down on my lip, causing my head to roll back at the sensation. He turned my body towards the vanity, pinning my body against the cool marble. His hand made its way down my body, his knee spreading my legs apart before slipping a finger into me. I moaned into his mouth, the feeling of his finger moving in and out of me caused my eyes to slam closed. He broke the kiss as he added a second finger to my delicious torment.

“God you’re so wet,” he said breathlessly, his fingers continuing to pick up speed. But suddenly they weren’t there; I opened my eyes, only to have him lift me up onto the vanity before taking an erect nipple into his mouth and slipping two fingers back into me. My back arched as his teeth bit down onto my sensitive nub, a hand grasping onto his hair. His mouth made its way over to the next to give it the same treatment.

“Alex,” I groaned, “Please, I need you.”

He let my nipple go, smirking before dropping down to his knees. He spread my legs open, wide enough to accommodate his broad muscular shoulders. I felt his tongue stroke my clitoris, causing a loud moan to leave my mouth. He started to lick faster, as if he were trying to suck up all the wetness that just seemed to keep coming out of me. I pulled on his hair as he hit my sweet spot, making my head hit the mirror behind me and making me cry out as the first hint of an orgasm hit my body. Then he was gone, my eyes snapped open, both his pants and underwear had come off and I stared at the huge erection in front of me. I reached out to take it in my hand, causing a groan to leave his lips. My hand started to move up and down his hard member. He pushed my hand away.

“Not in here, we can’t have glass everywhere,” he growled as he took my body off the counter. I wrapped my legs around him, afraid I was going to fall off. As soon as his hardness made contact with the wetness between my legs we both let out a long moan. He shook his head and started to walk out of the bathroom. With each step he took, his erection rubbed into me, causing more sounds of pleasure to leave our mouths.

“First door on the left,” I breathed into his ear. He nodded and quickly made his way into my bedroom, closing the door behind us. He turned us, slamming my hot body into the cool door. He was grinding his teeth, and I could feel the pulsing of his manhood against me. I brought my hand in between our bodies, taking his little Alex in my hand.

“I want you in me, now,” I moaned, guiding him into me.

I didn’t realize just how big he really was until I felt the head of him a quarter of the way in me. I was trying to get myself accustomed to his size, before he slammed into me. I screamed out in pain and pleasure, my nails digging into his back. His hard breathing in my ear, he pulled out slightly before slamming into me again and again until he had a hard, fast rhythm down. He was pounding into me, filling me completely.

“Oh God” I screamed as my orgasm rocked through me but he wasn’t done, he walked us towards my bed, laying me onto it, before resuming his fast pace. He took my leg, placing it over his shoulder, making him fill me even more. I watched his face as his orgasm hit him, his eyes squeezing shut. Catching him off balance I turned him, quickly positioning myself on top. He looked surprised but I grinned down at him as I lifted myself up and then slammed back down on him. He groaned loudly, taking my nipples in his fingers and pinching every time I moved up and down on his erection… this was going to be a long night…

I awoke to the sound of Alexandro sleep talking. We had gone on for an hour making hard and sweet love. It was still dark out which meant I’d only been sleeping for a couple of minutes. I looked at his sleeping face, how could a complete stranger make me feel this way? An idea popped into my mind and I slowly made my way down his body, moving the blanket away from him, taking his flaccid member in my hands. I slowly moved my hands up and down, watching as he began to harden. I licked the tip of him. Deciding I liked the taste I took him in my mouth. I could feel him stirring but I continued anyways, taking him almost all the way in, slowly licking him completely. I started to bob my head up and down, taking more of him each time.

“Zoe, what the-“I hummed, causing the vibration to make him moan. I picked up my pace, sucking and licking him as good as I knew how.

“I’m gonna cum,” he groaned, before releasing himself into my mouth. I swallowed as much as possible, the rest going onto his stomach.

“You’re incredible” he moaned as I brought my body back up to hover over his.

I shook my head, smiling down at the man I was beginning to feel a scary thing for.

“I’ve never had anyone make me feel this way before. After my mom died it felt like I was left with no one to make me feel safe, no one to rely on.”

He moved over so I could easily fall next to him. I cuddled up against him; he took the blanket and covered us both.

“What happened to your mom?” he asked in an almost surprised tone.

I stilled, he was still a complete stranger. The only person I’ve let into my life was Steph.

“She went through a lot with my father. He was a drug addict during the time my brother was growing up. He constantly cheated on her with prostitutes and yet my mother still loved him. When I was about 17 my mother and I went hiking to our favorite spot up in a mountain by our house. I remember sitting on a rock, dipping my feet in the cold water from the waterfall when she told me she had stage four stomach cancer and didn’t know how long she would have left…” My voice trailed off as the worst day of my life replayed in my mind.

“Hey…” Alex whispered.

I turned my head to look up at him. His usually hard brown eyes seemed to be looking right into me. My breath caught in my throat just like it had when I had first seen him earlier tonight. He gave me a gentle, loving kiss, allowing me to continue.

“Surgery wasn’t an option at that stage. I sat with her in her hospital bed when she finally went,” my voice cracked but I continued anyways, “my brother and father were both off doing family business in Britain so I was all alone, holding onto my dead mothers hand. I lost it at the hospital and had to be sedated so my cousin could be able to take me home. I tried to beat my father, blaming him for her cancer. He didn’t know. Once I told him everything he left. Just like that he left me and my brother for a week, mourning over our mother’s death while he went to play. But my uncle, my mother’s brother, had taken my dad into his home after he caught him trying to blow his brains out. My dad really did love my mom but he was too caught up in his power to care. He tried winning my love back and up to this day I still don’t know what to think about him or how to feel. He sent me off to college to get me away from our life but I guess you can never escape who you really are.”

I looked up to see Alex looking at me with what seemed like fascination.

“All these years and you still don’t accept his apology… and yet you’re an amazing woman.”

I laughed, “You barely know me.”

He shook his head. “Well it certainly doesn’t feel that way.”

I nodded, quietly saying, “No one has ever made me feel like this before… I think I may be falling in l-“He cut me off, his lips crashing onto mine. Without missing a beat our tongues began to fight, making my body come alive once again. His hand traveled down my body, stopping to run across my stomach before continued down to dip two fingers into me. I gasped into his mouth, breaking the kiss as heat exploded throughout me. He dropped his head to capture my already hardened nipple into his mouth. He added another finger, beginning to pump them in and out in what felt like an almost painfully fast pace.

“Oh fu-“my words died out on a moan, he was really moving. I felt my body tense up. Alex felt it too because he bit down hard on my nipple, just as my release came. He embraced me, rolling us so I was on top.

His eyes grew dark. “I’m really sorry this has to happen.”

Before I could ask what he meant, a sharp blow to my head caused me to lose consciousness…

An intense headache was what woke me from my deep sleep, I squinted my eyes as harsh light filled my vision. I tried to touch the back of my head but a hard tug on my hands stopped me. I was tied up to a steel chair in the basement. I groaned, realizing I wasn’t tied up to a bed waiting for some kinky action. I could feel myself clothed so at least that wasn’t bad.

“My little girl is all grown up.” My head snapped up, my father was sitting in a chair next to mine.

“Dad?” I asked, concern filling me as I noticed his swollen shut eye and busted lip. He smiled, before wincing in pain.

“Nice to see you too cuz,” Zane’s deep voice made me turn my head the other way, noticing Luke and Marcel unconscious on the floor, making me curse as pain radiated through me.

“Honey, your head is bleeding,” Dad said.

I sighed, dropping my head, “I figured...”

“Well, well, well famiglia reunion I see,” Cristofanos’ voice filled the room as the big, now much older looking Italian bastard walked into the room. “Don’t get too comfortable, you won’t be breathing for much longer unless daddy dearest here pays the 2 million I lost on my deal.”

“I told you, I had nothing to do with the police killing David and taking your load.”

A big muscular bald guard came over, punching my father in the face.

“Stop!” I cried out, not realizing tears were streaming down my face as he continues to beat my father.

Cristofano raised a hand, signaling him to stop. “Oh dear, I see your father is out. Guess we must turn to your cousin next.”

“Stop.” I said again, louder this time. “They weren’t involved with any of this.”

Cristofano shook his head, “Principessa you know nothing of this business.”

I snorted, “Please, “I began, regaining strength in my voice, “I know more than any of the worthless dumbasses you have working for you.”

I could see his nostrils flare in anger. With a nod of his head, I felt a hard slap on the side of my face. I screamed; well that was going to definitely bruise.

“Padre TI HO detto di non ferire la sua!”

“Alexandro per favore, you’ve done your part getting her here, this does not concern you.”

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes and shaking my head as realization dawned on me. Alex stood next to his father.

“I said she doesn’t get hurt,” he said firmly.

“Of course, Alexandro Notte,” I looked up to glare at him straight in the eyes, “doing daddy’s dirty work I see.” Shaking my head in disbelief I continued. “You son of a bitch I trusted you and of course you fuck me over.” I looked up as if pleading to the heavens, “Why, huh? I can’t get a dam break… my life… look kill me or do whatever you need to do to get “even” with my father. Just let them all go.” I looked at Cristofano. “Go on, I honestly do not even care anymore.”

Cristofano grinned and walked over to me, “I see we have a fighter here. Good choice son, I would have fucked her too.” I spit in his face, rage beginning to rise in me.

He simply smiled and walked back to stand next to Alex who was unreadable.

I laughed, “you really are a dumbass aren’t you Cristofano?”

He scowled at me, “watch your mouth girl.”

“You know what your spies and piece of shit son failed to mention? I’ve been keeping tabs on every deal dad’s been making.”

“What?” Zane asked.

The Italian looked surprised. “I didn’t want to tell you anything,” I turned to talk to Zane, “but ever since my mother died, Dominic has kept me up to pace on everything and I’ve had some of your dads help in Prague. I know it was the Russians because I was there last week trying to keep an eye on the Malkin sons. Scum bags tried drugging me in the clubs but I overheard them talking about killing David and getting some of their guys to go undercover and take your deal. So there, believe it or not but I know your shipment is arriving in China as we speak.” The room was silent. After several minutes a man came in holding a cell phone out to his boss who took it and quickly shut it.

“It seems like our little princess here is right,” he spat.

I shook my head, stopping as pain seared through me, my head ache was becoming unbearable and anger only worsened it. “Fuck you,” were the last words that left my mouth before I was back in a deep sleep.

(Hours later)

“Z, you’re in the hospital, I need you to wake up the cops are here to ask some questions about the bar,” Dominic’s concerned voice filled my ears. After several attempts to open my eyes, I finally gave my statement, I was at a bar when a fight broke out and  one of the drunk men through a glass at me when I tried to calm him down and that that was all I could remember. Dominic stayed with me until after the cops left.

“Nice cover story and Steph is pissed you slept with Alex” he began, “and thanks for selling me out. Dad almost killed me for keeping you in the loop for so long.”

I shrugged in the hospital bed, “After I get out of here I’m leaving the country and changing my name.”

He chuckled.

“I’m serious D, I’m done with all this. Look at me, I’m a dam mess and will never be out of trouble as long as I’m here. I’m leaving and no one will ever find me… not even you.”

“Zoe, you can’t do that. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Dad sighed. Both Dominic and I turned to see him entering the room. “We’ll figure this all out when we get you home.” He said planting a kiss on my forehead. “There’s a nice lost man here to see you. And yes I gave him hell but I think he really does care for you.”

Alex appeared at the doorway. “We’ll be outside and honey, I love you” dad said steering an angry and confused looking Dominic out of the room. Alex walked in, sitting where D had been.

“What the hell do you want?” I bitterly asked.

“I am so sorry. I didn’t want to do this… I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t expect to fall for you as quickly as I did. And when I saw Henry hit you, all I wanted to do was rip his guts out and hold you.”

His dark brown eyes looked into mine.

I felt tears roll down my face. “I hate you.”

He looked pained at my statement. “But you said you loved me.”

I broke down, crying so hard the pain in my head returned with a fury.

“Love is a shit thing. Even if I do love you, you used me and were willing to hurt me to please your father…”

He got up taking my face in his hands, silencing me with a deep kiss. “My father deeply regrets hurting you and your family, he and your father were good friends before the Russians interfered. But that’s not our business right now. Let’s start over. Please…” He pleaded. I gave in, nodding, “My names Zoe Donovan, and you are?”

He smiled down at me, “Ciao ama, my name is Alexandro Notte,” he smirked, “but you can call me sex God.”

I laughed at his rather true statement and brought his face back down to mine, kissing him as relief coursed through my body. This was definitely a long night… “L'amore vince sempre …“

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