With Twilight as my Guide: Edward Cullen One-Shot

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Wrote this in 2009 when I was really into the Twilight series. I hope you guys enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




"Uh, honey. I think you should get out of the car now", my mom said to me.

I groaned. "Out of all the states in the country you guys decide to move us to Maine. Why?"

"I thought you liked the cold?" She asked looking at me.

" I love the cold, believe me I do. But I don’t love it all the time. And the kids around here look like they won’t like me."

" What are you talking about? Of course people are going to like you. You’re very pretty, smart, nice, and –"

"Weird, a book worm, freak maybe?"

"And unique. You can’t be scared to meet new people you know.

"Blah, blah, blah" I said as I opened the car door.

"Have a good day Hun. I love you!" mom said as she drove away


I sighed as I looked around. This school wasn’t so bad after all. It was actually pretty big if I do say so myself. A couple of girls all wearing what looked like designer clothes passed by me. They all looked me up and down, said something to one another, laughed and walked away. I really didn’t want to start off my first day like that. I looked down at my phone. 7:35 a.m. 25 minutes before school even started. I dug through my bag and found one of my favorite books, A Quick Bite. Without being noticed I quickly walked to an empty bench. I took a seat then put my ipod on. I was really getting into my book. The main character was explaining how vampires really are and how they came to be. Vampires, witches, zombies and anything that has to do with the immortal or undead fascinate me. Because I was so caught up in the book I hardly noticed that everyone was already going inside. By the time I did notice there were only about 5 kids outside. I wasn’t ready to stop reading so I stood up and tried to walk while reading. Tried. I really don’t know how I slipped, but I did. I gasped in surprise. Before my butt could actually reach the floor I fell into two arms. Both my ipod and my book hit the ground.


"Are you alright?" a sweet, velvety voice asked me.

"Uh, um…"

He turned me around until I was facing him. The first thing I noticed about him were his copper colored eyes. His skin was pale and he was well built.

`Oh wow. He’s so…. wow’ I thought.

" Are you alright?" he asked again.

"Um, I think so. Thank you."

From the shock of both the slip and from looking at him I had hardly noticed that we were still holding onto each other. My hands were on his arms and his hands on my waist.

"Oh!" I said as I let my hands drop.

"I’m Cathy by the way."

"Edward." He said looking at me.

I felt his eyes melt into mine.

"I’ve never seen you here before. Are you new?" His words bringing me back to reality.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I just moved here." I told him.

" I think these are yours." He said bending down to get my things.

"Oh I gott’em" I said as I bent to get them too.

For a moment our hands were paralyzed one on top of one another. He quickly pulled away and stood up.

" Uh I’ll, uh see you around"

With that said he quickly walked away. I stayed there just looking at him leave. I gathered my things and left to try and find my class. When I walked in to my elective, mythology, everyone fixed their eyes on me. I walked to the teacher with my head down. I handed her my slip.

"Class this is… Cathy Burns. Say hello."




"Cathy you can sit next to Mr. Cullen over there" Mrs. Hill said pointing to someone.

I didn’t really see whom it was since what I really wanted to do was get out of the spotlight. I found my seat and sat down next to…

"Edward?" I asked in a whisper.

He looked over at me. He gave me a half-smile that was so sexy I almost stopped breathing.

"Well then class lets get into our next topic. Famous, mythological figures. Anyone have any ideas of creatures I’m talking about?" Mrs. Hill asked.

I raised my hand.

"Yes Cathy?"

" Well I believe that vampires are one of the major figures. Followed by witches, zombies, wizards, fairies and so on. But I wouldn’t really consider any of those figures myths."

Mrs. Hill raised an eyebrow, "Would you care to elaborate on that?"

"Uh. Well, um, witches and wizards are basically the same thing and we all know those really do exist. Not as witches or wizards but as Wiccans and scientists. Fairies I’m not so sure about but with the way scientists are working and testing on the dead human body, zombies can easily be brought into our world. As for Vampires they like to be considered Immortals." I said.

"And why is that? Are you saying that you can explain how they really are?" She asked with a curiosity on her face that was kind of weird to watch.

" Um well vampires now-a-days don’t often bite on peoples neck. They either drink from animals or drink bagged blood."

I could feel Edwards’s eyes on me so I went on.

"They only bite mortals’ neck if it’s an emergency. You can know someone is a Vampire by the way they look. They usually have pale skin, their eyes change through their hunger or feelings, and they don’t age. And oh, about them being allergic to garlic, not being able to walk into a church, not having a reflection, or not being able to walk in the sun, those are all just lies. And did you know we were all vampires once? Yeah when we were in our mother’s womb we fed blood through their umbilical cords." I finished saying.


I took a deep breath then let it out just to have every person in the room laugh at me.

` Well this is great! Absolutely great’ I thought.

I think I felt Edward’s hand on mine under the desk for a brief second before I got my things and ran out of the room. My worst fear had come true. Everyone thinks I’m a freak now.

I then groaned at the thought that even Edward probably thought I was a freak. I pushed through the front doors of the school walking toward the direction of my house. No one would be home of course until later tonight so no questions will be asked. Angry and annoyed at myself I put my earphones on walking at a faster pace. I started to cross the street but half way my Ipod died on me.

`Great! Another great thing to add to my great day...’ I thought angrily.

"Cathy, Watch out!"


Three things happened at once. Edward pulled me out of the way of the coming car, the car honked for a while, and I fell under Edward. When I opened my eyes I saw Edward staring at me with concerned eyes. Up until this point I was holding my breath, so I let it out.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked with worry in his tone.

All I could do was stare at him. I felt a sting at the back of my head then unconsciousness took a hold of me…


I felt someone stroking my hair. I think that’s what woke me from my sleep. I opened my eyes to find Edward moving his hand through my hair then my cheek. Then he snapped his hand back as he noticed that my eyes were no longer closed. Something inside me made my hand take his hand and place it back onto my cheek. I breathed in his scent and that sent my head spinning for a moment.

"Are you ok?" Edward asked kneeling down at the side of my bed so our faces were leveled.

I closed my eyes and nodded in his palm.

"Thank you." I said opening my eyes to meet his.

"Well I wasn’t going to let you get run over. I brought you back here, to your house, as soon as I could after you blacked out."

"Once again thank you."

"Cathy? Do you believe someone can find their true love by their first encounter?" He asked quietly.

"Love at first sight. I do."

He gave me his hot half-smile and my heart skipped a beat.

"You are the sexiest vampire I have ever seen." I said to him.

His eyes widened. "You know I’m a vampire?"

"I knew the moment I saw you."

"And the moment I saw you and stared into your green eyes, I knew I had fallen in love with you."

I was a little shocked to hear that but I knew I felt the same for him.

"How do you feel…about…me?" he asked looking a little worried.

I moved my hand to cup his neck and tugged him forward until our lips met. Once they did I felt a jolt of something course through me. When Edward repositioned himself on top of me and made my lips part to have him work his tongue on mine a jolt of pleasure rose in me. I began to work my tongue with his and we were riding the pleasure wave together. He positioned himself between my legs and I could feel his hardness pressing against my throbbing mound. He moved against me, grinding into me, making the hotness grow. Needing air I broke the kiss and gasped once.

"Damm" Edward broke the kiss in a growl.  "No dont stop." I urged his face back up to mine, knotting my hand in his hair, tugging him closer to me. His hand snaked up my side and my body unconsciously shifted, my breast landing in his palm. He squeezed with such a need that a suppressed moan escaped my throat. He pinched the hard nipple through the thin fabric of my top. My back arched off the bed, the hot pool of liquid dropping between my legs. Needing to feel all of him, my hand snaked down the front of him, feeling his muscles twitch under my touch. I smiled into the kiss. I grabbed his throbbing erection through the fabric of his jeans. He broke away groaning. "I love you." I said to him breathlessly.

He smiled at me and our lips met once again. I knew he could hear even the lowest whisper. I turned my head breaking the kiss and whispered lowly into his ear

"Turn me. Please bite me. I want to be yours forever."

"Are you sure about that?" he asked me in a surprised tone.

"The surest I’ll ever be."

We kissed each other hungrily once again.

"I will turn you with Twilight as my guide."

He pressed a kiss to my neck and just like I wanted, he bit me.

As I peered out the window somehow twilight came to us. I smiled and whispered.

"I will forever be yours…"


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