21st Century Youth

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A commentary about the current condition of American high schools, teachers, and students. It follows a student for a very short period of time. It's a quick read and has been written with purpose in mind. Enjoy :)

Submitted: September 17, 2010

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Submitted: September 17, 2010



A young man is lacking in sleep, and walks in a daze. He takes much difficulty in recognizing where, exactly, he is. It seems as if his legs are separate from his mind: moving in a systematic motion. He sees a young woman, but is unaware her presence and passes without a word. A ring sounds in his ear triggering a increase in the speed of his legs. They move as that of a robot would: taking the quickest path and ignoring all the exterior. His mind is blank except for the current goal of reaching his destination. He enters the room and takes his seat. The room is a square consisting of thirty organized workstations, and a much larger one dominating the front of the room. The walls are blank as usual. He takes note of the symbols arranged on the board as they always are. Another young man sits adjacent to him. They exchange greetings. He pulls out his materials and arranges them on the square before him. Another ring sounds in his ear, and he moves his eyes to the tall figure as it raises itself above him. It has a thin face and shows signs of age. It says some words in a monotonous voice, and the young man obeys by pulling out a thin white sheet and a vessel of dark black fluid. He proceeds to copy symbols from the white box to his white sheet, then produces symbols in response. His hand moves as his legs did: a jutting, systematic motion lacking in emotion. He is hunched over the square and stares blankly at the filling white sheet. He thinks in a cyclic motion: repeating the the same process over and over. His hand fills the white sheet with tightly arranged black marks. Then, in complete randomness, a small sound occurs as gravity drags down a long thin piece of wood to the floor. The fatigued young man turns his head to the sound, and something strange happens.Something catches the attention of both his sight and mind. He is puzzled about what lies before him. He opens his eyes wider, raises his body to erectness, and focuses as hard as he can.

There was some amazing creature before him unlike anything he had ever taken notice of. It was a fair figure of absolutely splendid form. It was a young woman of the most appealing shape and size. She was sitting quite contentedly, and scribbling abstract figures on her paper canvas. Suddenly, her beauty flooded over the young man, and his senses were drowned in amazement and pleasure. Her unexpected features exploded in front of him. Long, wild, luxurious, and wavy brown locks of hair flowed about her. Shades of the most pleasing red adorned her fair white skin. Tiny freckles were noticeable here and there complimenting her sweet features. She looked up to the youthful boy and smiled sweetly: gently filling him with an indescribable contentedness. Her beautiful brown eyes bloomed with genuine kindness. He caught her scent, and the smell of roses filled his nostrils. His heart raged in his chest, his temperature flared, and his hands shook. He struggled to gain control of himself: trying to bring voice to how he felt. He wanted to scream, but had not the oxygen to do so. “Hey,” he blurted out with incredible difficulty. “Hey,” she replied with ease. Her voice was something beyond conception. It was sweet, and smooth, but also exciting and impulsive. He ripped apart the confines of his brain to find a suitable reply. “Um-” but he was cut off by a loud ringing sound that penetrated his ears.

The color seemed to fade from the face of the young woman, and her previous radiance was replaced by a blank look. Before his very eyes the young man observed as the young woman ceased to be the beautiful creature, and transformed into just another member of the crowd. Twenty-nine students gathered their materials and exited the room. The young man sat staring at the blank void which had only seconds ago been occupied by some beautiful creature. But he had forgotten about the young woman. The boring room returned to its dominant shade of grey. He took notice of the blank walls, and the empty workstations. He turned back around and saw the tall figure looming over him. He picked up his materials and exited the room. His mind was blank, and his legs toke on a robot like motion. He saw a young woman, but was unaware her presence and passed without a word. A ring sounded in his ear.

Note to reader: This is only the first part of an entire story; if your interested in reading more go find it on wattpad or pm me.

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