Void -The AmaKishu war

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The next story in a series of short novels about Void. This next short focuses around the happenings during the AmaKishu war.

Submitted: July 22, 2015

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Submitted: July 22, 2015



War, a long, tedious war. The universe was in peril due to the faults of it's own Gods who unleashed a power even greater than their own. The four beings known only as the YonKishu came into the universe via the tear in space and time that the Amaterasu unintentionally created.Once they were in the universe it only took them a matter of days, 7 to be precise, to create a gigantic, bloodthristy army of demonic entities, like themselves, that felt no pain or fear, questioned no orders, the perfect soliders. By a matter of weeks the outer colonies of the universe were conquered the the forces of the Yonkishu and each of these foreign entities took charge of the four quadrants of the universe, north, east, south and west. The Amaterasu and their allies felt pure, unconditional fear for the first time in their long existances. They were completly encircled and outnumbered by the forces of the Yonkishu and due to hundreds of thousands of years of peace time, they were at a huge militaristic disadvantage due to the lax teachings in their armed forces. Despite this plans were sent out all across the galaxy to the generals of every race allied with the Amaterasu about how to proceed and deal with this threat. It was deemed to dangerous for the Amaterasu to use their newly harnessed powers over matter as it was this power that cause this entire problem in the first place. It was known to all in the galaxy that many weapons and ships were built only for defensive purposes and it was because of this that it was decided that all life in the galaxy must hold the line or die trying until new, better and more offensive based ships could be built. 

The great scientific heads of the universe were all together. It took many years but new brands of offensive purpose ships were created and were ready to be mass produced. All in all it took the Amaterasu alliance 20 years to built offensive purpose ships that would actually be able to obliterate large quantities of the Yonkishu forces. During these long, brutal 20 years almost half of the universe had been conquered and most of it destroyed by the Yonkishu. Over 30 different species were completly extinct and almost 60 of them enslaved. but know it was time to take the fight to the Yonkishu, to free their enslaved bretheren and get vengenance for their dead ones. Amongst the many mass produced ships that the Amaterasu alliance created their was only one that they could call their pride and joy and sadly, due to the components needed for the ship, it was the only one that could not be mass produced. This ulimate space craft was created with the sole intent of killing the Yonkishu directly and it was because of this it was given the power to obliterate even stars in a single shot. Due to the power the craft held and the Amaterasu being revered to as Gods this ships was nicknamed, Kami. 

40 years. It took 40 long years... For the YonKishu to reach the homeworld of the Amaterasu. Despite the scientific knowledge that was pumped into creating new ways to fight and defend themselves, the Amaterasu was on the verge of collapse. and all their allies were either dead or enslaved. The Amaterasu knew that there was only one way for a good outcome to come out of the situation they were in, and that was suicide. Not in the sense that they put a gun in their mouths and blew their own brains out. But in the sense that they leave their homeworld undefended and send the remainder of their forces to the seeded worlds that the Yonkishu had not yet reached or bothered with and protecting these very worlds whilst the Amaterasu overload thevoids in the locations that the yonkishu have conquered in order to blow up those sections of the universe, which was at this time pretty much the entirety of it. Despite knowing the consequences that their actions would bring and knowing full well that there was only a 50/50 chance that this would work, the Amaterasu decided to go ahead and give the green light for this plan. A few hundred ships, a tiny fraction compared to the millions they use to have, quickly travelled through the nearby void and left to these worlds, leaving behind only the Kami to fend of against the insanity of over a billion hellish entities and all four of the Yonkishu themselves.It took nearly 3 months for this plan to be complete, and despite the power that the Kami was supposed to hold, just one of the Yonkishu was able to cut straight through the ship using some unknown source of energy and kill all aboard with a single swipe. 

The big bang. That is what the events that followed the overload of the voids was known as to humanity. The voids not only destroyed all life in large sectiions of the universe, but the sheer power and energy formations in the large scale, chain reaction cause new life and planets to form. The seeded worlds the Amaterasu went to protect continue to strive today. The Yonkishu's forces were obliterated and all four enteties decided to leave to the far quadrants of the universe that they owned, not much is known about what happened to them after that. All the Amaterasu became transcendent, primordial beings and moved on to watch the universe from a higher plain of existance. Many artifacts were discovered by new, young space fairing species who also came to hail the Amaterasu as Gods and peace was restored to the universe, but this not not the end, no, this is naught but a prologue and we watch a new race overcome many obstacles that was believed they would not overcome and subdue those that were meant to be. We go to the young race of Humanity, some of the universes greatest warmongers but also it's greatest savior.

-To be continued in 'History of Humanity'-

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