Expectations of a Thin Glass Box

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This poem takes place over a period of time, falling into a trilogy of love, loss, and redemption.

Submitted: April 22, 2012

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Submitted: April 22, 2012



Great Expectations


My heart’s inside a thin glass box

Enclosed by elderly wisdom


‘Cause I learn more from one mistake

Than what’s been learned through an entire kingdom


And this glass box is bulletproof

But maybe your heart’s the key


Set it off like a hand grenade

And perhaps you’ll rescue me


So some people say I’m crazy

And some people say I’m smart


But I use this glass box wisely

And gladly hide my heart


For expectations I have many

And so far you’ve met them all


So try hard not to hurt me

‘Cause I bruise badly when I fall


Great Expectations


I shed a tear as I read this poem

Learning it wasn’t meant for you


And I guess that I will leave you now

As friendly neighbors measure few


So I’ll limp away with my scorched torn heart

And rebuild the shattered glass


Revive on new found wisdom

Then leave you in the past


And perhaps our hearts will cross again

Somewhere throughout the years


But until then I’ll leave you here

And drown myself in tears


Great Expectations


Now days have passed and months gone by

And our paths have crossed again


But like a fool I passed you by

As nothing more than a friend


We talked, we joked, we grinned, we laughed

But I let it mean nothing to me


Until at last you called me up

And said you found the key


You said, “I know the glass is thicker now

And my heart won’t do the trick


But maybe with forgiveness

The glass won’t be so thick


Then I’ll shape some love into a knife

And stab it at your heart


And if I nail it hard enough

The glass may fall apart


Although if I’m not so lucky

Remember your love for me


As I carve your name into my wrist

To rid me of insanity”


Great Expectations

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