Journal of Night: May 2006

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A powerful vampire has died and left behind a journal recounting important moments in his life. This first entry tells of the start of a war that would bring vampires into the light of the world.

Submitted: November 04, 2010

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Submitted: November 04, 2010



A Jounal of Night
May 2006
By - Daniel Burton
It was just another night as I walked the streets. It was like any other night i could remember. People were going from here to there, dogs barked, sirens wailed, and the neighborhoods seemed alive with spring.
That was a good sign. It meant there'd be plenty of people around doing things by themselves, feeling safe in the warm air. Though, many people meant many chances for interruptions, and that was bad for my business. My business hadn't been doing well as of
late either.
It was okay though, I have plenty of time. Most people wished they had the time that I do. I guess their all just jealous. "So much to do, so little time". That is the saying isn't it?
It's all people these days seem to think about. I myself have no need for such a ridiculous concept as time. You wouldn't either if you'd lived as long as me. I've advanced beyond time. It holds no sway over my thoughts or actions. I live every moment and don't worry about the next.
My original name was Coran Drake, though I have not been called that in many centuries. I use it every now and then, but it has become another relic of my past.
Ah... I beleive I have found what I've been looking for. Hmmm, yes, this looks like a lovely candidate. he seems to be about six foot, maybe two-fifty. Strong by the look of him. An excellent specimen, and all alone in an alley, how cliche.
I advanced slowly from behind him, keeping to the shadows of privacy fences. He smells of beer and cigarettes, and has one lit in his hand. Such a disgusting habit. I mean beer is fine and all, but I never say the fascination of tobacco. Oh well, it won't matter long for this guy anymore. He'll be free of his addiction. He will be occupied with other things soon enough.
Just as I'm about to take him, however, a kid ran into the alley and hugged the man's legs. I quickly retreated back to the shadows. Stupid kid, I would've had him a second later. No matter, I can always find someone else.
As the man walked with his son into his backyard I turned and headed back the way I had come. I made it to the sidewalk across the street before I noticed him. Not another potential, but someone else. He wasn't far off, but he wasn't close, so I paid him no mind. I didn't want to deal with him tonight, so I crossed the street againand headed for the next alley.
Unfortunately, he got closer as I continued. I sighed and slowed. About half-way down the alley I stopped and said,"You can come out now worm".
Out of the darkness to my left he appeared. "Hello", he said.
I snarled and said,"Greetings, to what do I owe this honor?".
"The master wishes an audience with you.", he replied.
"Your master can seek me out himself if he wishes an audience."
"I'm afraid that he insists, as do I."
I sighed again because I did not wish to deal with this fool, or his master. It's been a very long time since I had a master. I could be a master in my own right, and I do have my own children, but I wouldn't want to be a master. It's just not my thing. Another story for another time.
"Then you will force me to come?", I asked. I was hoping for a yes. This messanger smelled wonderful and I wanted to drain him.
"I will not", he replied. `Damn`. "But the master's chosen will bring you along."
`Oh, good`, I thought,`a challenge`. I was wondering who else that was that I was sensing. I may get some excercise tonite.
"So chosen, will you come out then?," I asked," I will not go willingly to your master." They hated that; my open defiance. But really if he wanted to talk to me he could come find me himself. He knows where I live. As I know where he lives.
Their attack was pitifully slow. They came from every direction; eight in all. That was a good number. It evened it up a little. Depending on how strong they all were anyway. Though a master's chosen should be strong. Even Darius's chosen.
I grabbed a hand to my left and swung the corresponding body across to my right. I then ducked and rolled left. To their credit the other six were on me as I regained my balance. Fists and legs were thrown at my from everywhere. I was easily able to block the blows, thena female lunged at me with her fangs. She pushed me out of the circle they had made. I grabbed her mouth, shoving both hands in and removed the lower half of her jaw as she was raking my arms and face with her nails.
The first two rjoined the other five in attacking me as I threw the shrieking female off me. They attempted to keep me down but I kicked up at the two directly in front of me and springboarded backward to my feet. I turned, sensing a presence behind me, and only saw the messenger.
I turned back to the chosen too late. One hit me across the jaw and went down then rolled to collect my self. Another came with a roundhouse from my left. I grabbed the leg and yanked it free of it's socket. The yell from him was wonderful. A kick at my back propelled me toward the five in front of me. Two grabbed my arms and another drove a fist into my face.
I had expected it to hurt much more than it did. These chosen knew what they were doing. It was almost a pity to think of killing them, almost.
With the force of the punch to help I pulled myself backward and slmmed the two on my arms into each other. I punched the one in the head and bit down on the neck of the other. Unfortunately, I could not enjoy the taste entering my mouth. The chosen at my back kicked me again and I fell forward with the one I bit. I was off him and rolling left quickly.
I decided that I'd had enough fun. Getting kicked again and againwas becoming annoying. I moved so fast they didn't realise what was happening. Two had fallen before the others registered that I had moved. One's neck I twisted and the other I gave a kick of my own to in payback. She was the last one and was not fast on getting up. I jumped on her and snk my teeth into her neck.
She was drained quickly and then I moved to the others.  At least I did not go hungry tonight. There strong blood should keep me well for a couple weeks at most.
The messenger had not stepped in during the fight. Had he done so I would've been even happier, but he chose not to. I decided to see if I could provoke him; he just smelled so enticing. "So, this is what your poor master considers as his chosen. How pitiful."
It had the proper effect. Apparently thinking him better than the chosen the messenger attacked. I broke both of the arms he stretched towards me before he could react. Then I slid behind him and pulled his head to the side. "I have a message for your master. Too bad he won't get it from you." And with that oh so sweet terror running through him I drained him as well.
He was indeed as sweet as he smelled. When I finished with him I reluctantly let him fall. The sun was beginning to rise and would soon erase any signs of these bodies. I know what your thinking, but it hasn't been a problem for me in centuries. All things considered tonight had gone well. I hadn't gotten a human, but I releived Darius of his chosen. That should keep him busy a while.
I walked home as the sun began to rise. Feeling it's warmth on my skin was refreshing after that fight. These young ones that are effected by it seem so useless to me. I know that I was young once, but that was so long ago it feels like it was someone else.
Someone like this Darius. Judging by his chosen he too would probably turn to dust in the sun. How such weeklings becomes Masters is beyond me. He never faught in the rite of passage, and never held his own in the strength of the mind. He should not be a Master.
Politics, that what it comes down to. Darius' master was master hear before him and so through negotiating he was appointed Master of the Mid-East Coast. A mistake on the part of the Elders. Granted I am and Elder, or at least could be, but I do not wish to claim their hierarchy. Our views on things are not the same and so I will never walk their path.
They have tried to make me follow their rules, long ago. They gave up after losing too many followers. By the time the Elders decided to see to me personally I was too strong for them. They chose to leave me alone and make me a member of their council by name only. I would never claim to be a part of what they are.
I could be the Master of this continent if I chose, but that would make me more known than I wish. Besides, I would not be able to deal with the lesser masters. I would end up killing them all eventually.
If one of the others had summoned me with a messanger I would have gone. They have the excuse of distance to help them. Darius' messengers were unneccesary. He is in this area and can get to me easily. I'm sure that Darius isn't even his real name. I haven't met him yet because he continues to send messengers, but he has wanted to see me for a long time now. I would see him if he came to me, but he wants to feel special and have me come to him. Well I will not make him feel special.
I expressed my dissaproval of Darius being a Master to the other Elders. They told me I could challenge him for the possition. This, they knew, I wouldn't do.
It's been okay, though, with him in charge here. He's sent me some lovely meals over the years. Their hasn't been much trouble in this region since he claimed his status. Granted I'm an exception to that, but for the rest of civilization things have been well.
Now, I know I shouldn't drink of my own kind, but I love their taste. A powerful vampyre's blood can taste just as good, if not much better, than any humans. Also, with every vampyre I drain I gain their powers. That has been what's kept me alive as long as I have. I've fought many strong Elders in my years. Thanks to my aquired power they have all fallen to me.
I continued out of the city and into the country side pondering how much of my power is actually mine. The early morning hours passed as I walked farther and farther from populated areas. My walk home was quite long, but I enjoyed going into the city. There were many clubs down there to go to. Many humans using drugs too. They do not effect me as they do them, but to drink their blood as the drugs course through their veins is intoxicating. Always though the feeling does not last long. It is good while it lasts however. I often wondered what the humans saw in drugs until I drank from a man that had taken LSD. It was an amazing experiance, but only possible through human blood. The drugs cannot effect me as they are.
I thought about many things on my walks. One topic coming up more and more was Darius. He was beginning to try my patience. The audacity of sending his chosen after me! Well, I would have to deal with him sooner or later. At least he hadn't interfeared with my children. They have told me they've seen his people watching them, but have not attacked. That would lead to open war. And Darius knew he could not take me.
Doubtless, Darius knew where our house was. If he does he's at least been smart and left it alone. I know he himself would not come, but he would send many to their death. Even if he did show he would not be there long. He would see his minions dying and flee. Me and my children would probably live off their blood for months. Just thinking about that almost made it worth inciting war with him.
Food for that long would mean no need for humans. That would keep the hunters and the governmant off their back. A pesky lot, but they had weapons that could even slay me, and many humans to use them.
With the unofficial acceptance of our presence came an uproar of hunter and military groups. With that and the recent advances in technology specifically targetted at us it was becoming much more troublesome to be a vampyre.
Speaking of the humans bent on our exstiction, I see a few suspicious vehicles in front of my house. This being a very out of the way road, and mine the only house on it, I expect they know exactly what they're looking for.
As I walked closer I slowed to study the two humans at my front door. They looked ready for a battle; sidearms and armor clearly visible. A breeze came to me and I smelled garlic on it. I almost laughed; that stupid superstition really didn't work. At least, it never worked on me.
From the other smells I caught they were deffinately government. Hunters, aside from the fact that they would've already attacked, smell had a distinct smell to them. Probably how much silver they all kept. These just smelled like gunpowder and paper.
As I got closer the two on the porch lifted their hands to their ears and turned toward me. An indication that they had many more people in the vans. I wondered briefly, on my way up the walkway, if they were here in retaliation to what I had done those few years ago.
I didn't want to have to kill these people. They were the loyal type, and you didn't find them often. It would also be bad considering they were assigned to be here, and they would be missed if they didn't return. The two at my door eyed me as I approached them. I gave them a pleasant smile, making sure not to show my teeth.
"Good morning", I said as I drew nearer.
"Good morning, sir", the male said. "We're looking for the owner of this house."
"That would be me. What seems to be the problem."
Both agents were taken aback at this. Apparently they had not seen a vampyre in the sunlight.
"You are...", the male began, looking at this papers,"Night then?"
"That is the name I chose to give.", I responded. "And you are."
"We are from the Department of Non-Human Relations", the female answered. I turned to her , looked in her eyes and asked, "May I see some identification please?"
The male, apparently feeling that I was being threatening, moved his hand toward his gun. I grabbed his wrist mid-flight and continued to stare into the woman's eyes. I told her,"If you can produce id's I will let both of you go."
By this point the two vans back doors opened and a squad of guys in what looked like riot gear emerged. They marched halfway up my lawn and trained there weapons on me as the female agent produced the asked for identification.
"Let go of them",an authoritative voice behind me growled.
"As you wish",I said upon reading the female's badge. "They seem to be legitimate." I let the man's arm go and released the woman from my gaze. The soldiers remained motionless as the agents moved behind them. I just turned to watch as they retreated.
"Thank you Agent Teleford", I said to the woman.
The soldier with the authoritative voice said,"We're here in response to a tip that you have unwilling human captives on the premisis. Telling you this is only a formality these two felt inclined to go through. We will begin searching the premisis with or without your permission."
"I must inform you, sir, that even under these charges I must see a warrant. If you fail to provide one, well, I will be forced to protect my home."
"You don't have any rights bloodsucker. We'll do whatever's necessary to ensure the safety of humans. Including violate any rights you think you may have."
"Do you have any idea of who I am, or how old I am captain?"
"I don't give a shit how old you are. You're a bloodsucker, and in five seconds we're going to kill you and any others of your kind in that house."
I let out a low rumbling growl and readied myself before saying,"Pitty, Agent Teleford please note that the captain has not provided a warrant and has threatened the lives of me and my children without cause."
"Ready", the captain yelled,"Aim". He never got to 'fire'. Hands reached up through the soil and pulled his commandos into the ground. Pointless shots and screems were let out from below and then there was silence.
As the shock registered with the captain I was in front of him knocking the gun from his hands. He stumbled back and attempted to draw his side-arm. I caught arm as it reached the gun, grabbed his bi-cep, and yanked it free from his torso. As he fell screeming I lifted the arm and let his blood drip into my face.
It was a few minutes before I realised that the agents hadn't moved. As I turned to them the male moved his arm. "Don't",I said. He stopped and was still. I kicked the dying captain into a hole and tossed him arm in with him.
As I moved toward the agents they both got very tense. "Who is this informant of yours?", I asked them.
"They were both scared out of their minds, but the male recovered enough to say,"Your master, Darius."
Furious, I let out a loud growl and said,"I have no master, and neither will the mid-east section of this continent after today."
I was close to killing both of these agents when I suddenly calmed myself. It was almost painful, but I remembered that they had not threatened me. And that I needed them to relay what really happened here. I turned away for a moment and then turned back on them.
"You two may leave now.",I said. "Unless of course you have that warrant."
The male shook his head. "Then go", I said,"and tell your superiors that this captain threatened me, my home, and my children. You know as well as I the laws passed by your government for us. I was forced to defend myself and my family."
The woman looked confused and said,"How do you know this?"
I said,"Because I was there when the Elders came to your government. I was there when the Rights of Non-Humans act was signed. Most do not know of it's existance, but it is in one of your contry's vaults. Ask your superiors about it. Ask them if Night is not the last name on that document."
Bewildered the agents moved slowly to their vehicles and left. I went into my home and began planning to drain the life out of Darius and all of his children. I will have revenge for this. Their will be war.

© Copyright 2017 D Lee Burton. All rights reserved.

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