The birds and squirrels threw up

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hungary birds and squirrels


 I drove back home, one October evening, after work. It was a very cool and rainy day. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, where we live, it is a law that when you turn your wind shield wipers on because of rain, you also must turn on your headlights too. That is the law.

I turned my headlights on when I started home from work because it was raining lightly.

There is an old cedar tree in our yard. One of its lower branches reaches nearly down to the ground.

My wife had put a lawn chair beside the tree to read in the shade cast by the cedar tree.

As I pulled into my driveway, I parked my car and my headlights were still on. I saw two bright green eyes staring back at me. I turned off the motor and headlights and saw a rain soaked, boney, fur matted cat underneath a pine brow of the cedar tree hiding from the rain. Squatted down on her tummy, she was just seeking relief from the rain.

I got out of the car and set in the lawn chair. I called her and she wanted to jump up into my lap, but she was afraid to do it.

About that time my wife came out of the house and asked me why I was setting in the rain.

I said that there was a cat underneath of the pine tree branch.

I asked her to go in and open a whole can of tuna fish and put it in a dish. She did and when she came back out I had got up out of the chair and laid down two feet away from the cat.

My wife saw what was going on and gingerly gave me the bowl of tuna so as to not spook the cat.

As I lay down on the ground, the cat inched closer to me. But when she smelled the Tuna fish, she came over to me first and gave me what I call a kitty kiss. She just rubbed her nose against and under my chin and started to eat the tuna. She was very hungry and ate the whole can.

And she came back over to me and gave me one of many kitty kisses on my chin that were to come in the next two years.

I named her FOUNDUS because she found us.

One day she did not show up for breakfast as she always did. I was not too concerned at first. She never returned.

For months I would go out in the morning, afternoon and evenings and call for her.

She had a big bag of treats we would give her. We would give her some every day. They were the best kitty cat treats we could buy. And they were still left on the kitchen counter top.

So I took out a marker with FOUNDUS name on it. I laid it on the ground by the cedar tree.

And I took her three pound bag of treats and poured them into a pile under the pine branch.

It was not long until the birds and squirrels found it and ate it all up. They have been puking ever since because they found out it was kitty cat food.

Now we have to step around little piles of the bird and squirrel puke all around our yard.

The birds and squirrels can talk. They say “Cat food” “Puke, yuck, yuck, yuck.”

But I think they would eat cat food again. They have little re-memories.

“Puke, yuck, yuck, yuck.”

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