Your Loving Pet

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My inspiration lives in El Paso...

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Loving Pet


She’s like a dog


Silently obedient

Barks to defend you

Awaiting when you’re gone

Patient till you come

Missing you in the process


Every where she goes she wears a collar

The collar reads the name that you have provided her with

followed by a message that reads “if found please return to:”

then your name and contact info

she’s yours, you have the papers to prove it

she understands that

so she remains by your side

but despite the collar she has no chain

Like other dogs do

even as just an extra precaution that she never leaves

to keep her within your grasp

but she does not have that restraint

so she is free to wander off as she pleases

Especially in the absence of her owner

in the street

with or without a collar

Whether lost or lonely,

A stray is a stray

You’ve left her this way

To feel like a dog

A helpless mutt

A hopeless bitch

A neglected animal

-your loving pet-


Missing you in the process

Yet she remains loyal

Patient when you’re gone

Awaiting till you come



The collar’s off

She’s hoping you come back and put it back on

Cause freedom is lonely where she is…

Why is your absence so unbearable?


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