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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Journey of finding love, and never giving up in the pursuit.

Belief is the essence of all good things
Destiny is the path laid before us
Hope is what we will always hold 
Love is simply what it! 

My life, I've always been searching 
But never knew where to start 
I had no map or compass, just belief 
The belief that one day I would find you 
This promise, a promise I made myself 
Sealed within my heart 

Destiny is the path that guides me. 
That guides me from the start. 
With many obstacles & choice's 
That try to stray me from my path 
But I have belief you are my destiny 
To my heart I must stay true 
Never cease and forever search
The embodiment of love that is you 

Hope is what I hold on to
When all around is dark 
Hold on to belief, my destiny 
The strength within my heart 
I take a breath and hear your voice
All around feeling your presence 
To me you are my all, my everything 
You are the very essence 

I see your light before me 
The love I feel begin 
I hold & keep it sacred 
Sacred from within 
When the dark days lighten 
With my heart and soul at rest 
I see you just before me 
I've confronted all life's test's 

I look upon your Beauty 
Your grace, with your touch 
I am blessed, I am blessed 
To have you by my side 
You are my belief and my destiny 
You are my hope, my heart and my love
You are my life forever, the life i yearn to start.  

Submitted: March 27, 2015

© Copyright 2022 D P Hamon. All rights reserved.

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