The Harvest

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A short story filled with conspiracies theories surrounding the 2016 elections of Amiteica

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



The Harvest

The year is 2016. Mere months before the elections in the world’s most powerful nation, Amiteica

A campaign wrought with controversy and conspiracies fuelled by propaganda between the two primary candidates. Here follows a peek behind the scenes.

Beverly Milton, candidate for the Dememic Party, is sitting behind her desk furiously punching away at her keyboard as one of her aids walks into her office. ‘ Madame Overlord, there is a video communiqué from the high council representative requiring your urgent response.’ Glaring at the aid from behind her monitor, ‘ How many times have I told you not to address me with that title, our position is delicate at best with these things. We do not need more complications right now. Your skin suit is easily given to another more capable if you continue such incompetence. This will be your last warning or you will disappear like those other insolent pests,’ she hisses at the aid. Nervously the aid looking at his feet and fidgeting with his hands, distressed, responds mumbling, ‘ yes Madame... ss-sorry Madame...won’t happen again Madame... thh-the communiqué Madame...’

‘ Leave me. Let me speak to the council in private.’ She hisses and briskly moves her mouse and clicks and opens the window on her screen, adjusting her camera she waits for the door close behind the aid as he skulks away before she pushes the button hidden beneath her desk. The curtains close automatically and the latches on the doors lock themselves securely. Clicking on the link she straightens herself and looks into the camera. The monitor flickers to life. A very displeased reptilian face appears onto the monitor, ‘Sallasssss sessssssdeassse, Madame. The ccccouncil is disssssspleased with your progresssss. You ssssshould know better than mosssst the energy required to remain undetected by thessssse livesssssstock is exccccceding our initial calculationsssss. Our cloaking generatorsssss have but a maximum of 2 ssssolar revolutionsssss of energy left, after that Madame, we will have no choiccccce than to usssssse extreme forccccce to ensssssure the livesssstock is recovered and on Niburu ssssssso we can leave thissssss forsssssaken system and return into deep orbit. And then you will be held perssssssonally accountable for any losssssss of livesssstock.’

Clearly unsettled Beverley straitens in her chair and responds,’ Sallass Sessdease, councilor. I am aware that there have been significant delays. The initial plan to assume control the government of Amiteica in 2008 was thwarted by the livestock’s need to be politically correct. I can only do so such and I underestimated my opponent and his ability to capture the hopes of these … pieces of meat. Rest assured that has been rectified this time around. My opponent will not win. I am selected carefully and all my maneuvering and plans are coming to fruition.’

‘The councccccil of Nibiri hopesssss hopesssss that we did not placcccce undue faith in you. There have been incccedents that are of concccccern raisssssed by out operativesssss on earth. Onessssss the counccccil fearsssss might hinder your progresssssss. Onessssss that might leave usssss no ccccchoice but to terminate this faussssssst and take our property now and move on. Asssssss mentioned any sssssstock lossssst will be on you, and persssssonally payable to the councccccil.’

‘With Respect councilor, I cannot be help solely responsible. We do have operatives in high governing positions globally. If anything should go astray I cannot be held accountable. I have made provisions should the livestock attempt to revolt. The concentration an processing camps have been established not only here in Amiteica but in the majority of the countries under our control. We have planned everything meticulously, but the livestock can be unpredictable. We cannot plan for every contingency, not with a product of this nature. The engineers out did themselves when they gave the livestock of this world free will.’

‘ We will not accept your exxxxxxcuses. You were placccccced in charge of the operation. After the Abraxxxxion incident, there wasssss much doubt over your ability to partake in thissssss delicate tassssk. We losssssst a ssssssubstainital amount of livessssstock and we had to cull the planet due to your failure to control the little grey bastards. And the remainer of their racccccce now sssssspace bound try and undermine our harvessssting operationssss at every turn. You are aware of their attemptsssss on thissss world, I trussssst. The counccccil is alsssso ssssumwhat conccccerned with the rumours and conssssspiraciessss linked to your campaign and to your male. Not to mention your opponent sssssseeems to be garnering ssssuport from the livesssstock. The counccccil needssss assssurancessss or we will be forccccced initiate meassssssures to enssssure a optimal harvessssst. We cannot afford another ssssset back like Axbraxia.’

‘What concerns do the council have, specifically? I can assure you I am handling the situation and this will not be another Abraxion incident. All their efforts to contact these simple minded warm blooded pieces of meat, have be dismissed as rumors and hoaxes. The sightings of their ships, the encoded messages left as crop circles, the abductions. All dismissed as hoaxes, rumors and rantings of crazy meat. The Abraxions will not pose a problem here. I and several key persons have seen to that. So what concerns do the council have that are so distressing that they would risk a operation of this size. If everything goes according to plan, and with the livestock population at critical mass, we can expect a harvest of 80% with a acceptable loss of about 10% due to resistance, If the council decides to act now with force the expected loss will be over 40% and the harvest will then only be 50%. With a harvest of such low yield we would need to restock before the livestock have managed to regain critical mass or face starvation. I would insist that the council rethink their stance and allow me to do carry out my task. I will not be held solely accountable for the councils rash actions.‘

Highly Irate Hissing Voice booms over the speakers of Beverly’s Computer,’ Ssssandze! You forget your placcce Madame. The decisssionssss of the counccccil are not made in hassste. You would like to know our concccernsssss then pleassse addresss thessse concccernssss! Your male wasss sssuposssed to initiate the plan while in officcce but failed and wassss impeacccched due to you being unable to control him, a playable piece of meat. And now your second attempt to ssssseize control if riddled with anomaliessss. If thessssse livessssstock are sssso intelegent assss you clain they are, your dessseptions will be ssssseen through. The communicationsssss isssssue with your electronic mailsssss being diverted to your persssonal sssserver and their disssappearancsssesss. The meat processssing campssss and contaninerssss discovered in your district. Your continued inability to control your male and thesssse rumoursss from thessssse massssked pieces of meat claiming he hassss been copulating with the livesssstock’sss young and going to ssssecret mating islandsss. Your opponentssss gaining of ground on the livessstock’sss votesss and lasssstly and the mossst concerning the Sirussi president Butin’sss threatsss of war. Ssssseems if war is a outcome, the ssssustantial loss of sstock would be more sssssignificant that if we intervenined now. We cannot feed a planet with radioactive meat, Madame. Now, Addresss thessse isssuesss sssso that I might repost my finding to the councccil. I grow wary ssstaring at your ssskin ssssuit. ‘

Clearing her throat and straitening her posture once more, Beverley starts to explain the situation to the councilor, ‘ Esteemed councilor, I can understand how these points raised might raise doubt in the council on my abilities to complete the task assigned. I will address the concerns raised.

The incident with the male assigned to me was sadly unforeseen. I did log a BR95-3 request with the council that he be terminated and be replaced with one of our own wearing his skin suit. It was the decision of the council for safety and pretences with the livestock that he remain original with conditioning and re-education using methods that have been tried on other colonies of livestock. I did note in my reports that the side effects to these continued procedures have raised his libido while decreasing his overall coherency. The impeachment was due to such a incident and his continued indiscretions with the young on the island, as noted by the masked group known as Nymmous, are clear indications of that. The ‘proof’ they claim exists has already been taken care of as well as the individuals involved. At the moment they are mere faceless rumors with no substantial proof to back their claims. We have operatives investigating the irritation known as Nymmous, themselves and there are indications that some Abraxion infiltrators might behind it, in a attempt to discredit our other operatives in high powered positions globally. They are being taken care off and they will shortly, no longer pose a threat to our operations. The male has be requisitioned to be disposed of as soon as I take office and will merit the grief and support of a nation. And I will be rid of that useless piece of meat once and for all.

The initiation of the plan while the male was in office was hindered by the livestock and their freewill. We did not have as much influence and fear instilled into their government as what we do now. And with the male being in heat the majority of the time, it was difficult to have him taken seriously. I am in full control now. The government and the officials are under our influence and any act and bills passed thought their chain of government will meet with little or no resistance in accordance with our plan.

The communications incident was foreseen. I had to correspond with our operatives globally and measures were put in place to ensure the security of these communications. The co-ordination of the processing camps the measures put in place to ensure their operation. I had to divert all the communications from my position as secretary of state of Amiteica as well as those from our operatives , to one central secret server so that I could best utilize my time and distribute the instructions. We had foreseen that there was a high level of probability that is this was discovered that it might raise concerns. Thus I had my aides, both most trusted Annunikian operatives, Obedin and Hamley, were tasked with the disposal of all electronic and physical proof. They are willing to offer themselves up as sacrifice in order to maintain my innocence and the integrity of my cover. The situation is under control.

The processing camps and the discovery of the ‘disposable coffins’ were inevitable, but they also have already been dealt with. Under the guise of their Emergency Management Agency and careful wording of their House Resolution 645, the construction of the processing camps, the meat containers and all other related ‘evidence’, are all indicative to refugee camps in the event of a catastrophe. It is all legal and above board where the livestock are concerned. The conspiracy theorists on this world are imaginative and resilient but lack the resources to obtain proof. The majority of the population are pliable and easily manipulated. Even with physical proof they can be swayed. I need not mention the 9/22 incident where our operative created a panic in the livestock to ensure control of their fossil fuels in the guise of defending themselves against terrorists, do I ? Even with all the evidence coming to light that it was a planned internal move by their own government, they still belief the propaganda. The camps are secure, trust me. The estimation of at least 50 000 heads of livestock to be processed per planetary rotation in Amiteica is a base projection. Once I have assumed office we will not have to stay in this system much longer, I assure you.

My opponent, Ronald Crump is laughable at best. He could had been a significant threat but as I mentioned , the livestock are susceptible to suggestion. When we deemed he might pose a threat his campaign manager was implicated to have ties with Sirussi which discredited him and placed him under investigation by his own kind. That allowed us to place two of our people, Steve Pannon & Shelly-Ann Bonway to undermine his efforts. Internal leaks of misinformation, botched interviews, and trumped up sexual assault charges and so forth are discrediting him with the majority of the populace. We are in full control of his campaign and he poses no real threat at this time. There will be those whom support him but they are in consequential. Even if he does somehow manage to get the majority of the votes the electronic system which tabulates them are in our control. There is no way he can win, merely a guise to make the populace belief the election is … fair. Amusing in fact that these livestock can be so easily deceived.

Sirussi and Butin’s aggression towards Amiteica and me personally is somewhat disturbing yet not expected. The Abraxion infiltrators have had the Sirussi government’s ear for some time. They are aware of us and our plans for this world, but again no real physical proof. The Sirussi people have proven to be less susceptible to our methods of subversion indicating Abraxion involvement. If Butin acts on his aggression it would be detrimental but as I mentioned not unforeseen. My predecessors have made several strategic moves ensuring that a significant military force is present in that region of the world. If Butin acts upon his threats once I assume power he will be overwhelmed, and Sirussi will be invaded. The Abraxion cohorts and infiltrators will be found, dismembered and exterminated in a most painful manner. And as what happened in Quwiti, Uraq, Pebia, Ogipt and Surie, a government of our operatives will be put into place and we will assume control. I will ensure that stock lost if this occurs will be at a minimum.

My mid 2017 or latest early 2018, all our effort and plans will come to fruitarian and the harvest will be well underway. There will no longer be a need for the unnecessary energy expenditure on cloaking Niburu nor would be required to continue wearing these hideous skin suits. Be assured that I have everything in control and the success of the plan in the name of the Annunikian race and Nibiru is foremost on my mind.

Now if this performance evaluation is complete, you can relay my answers to the council and inform me , IN A TIMELY manner if there are any further concerns. I have a luncheon with the single mother’s coalition and I can not be tardy.’ Glaring into the camera with a nervous smirk on her face she awaits the response of the reptilian councilor on the other side.

Glaring back at her and hissing beneath his voice, ’I will relay the information to the counsel, Madame. I hope your arrogance does not come back to burn you … again’. The connection shuts off and Beverley is left staring at a black screen.

Taking a deep breath she pushes the button under her desk allowing the light to pout into the room and the doors to unlock. She stands up rubbing the nape of her neck and hisses softly through her teeth, ‘ I can not fail again…’

‘Where is that imbecile of a husband? Tell him to get his pants on. We need to leave for the luncheon or we will be late’, she bellows as she leaves her office.

*** Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them. All events described herein might have actually happened, though the people that might be able to give collaboration have all mysteriously disappeared. On occasion the author has taken certain, very small, liberties, because that is his right as an a walking piece of meat in a skin suit. ***

Written By D. Kay

© Copyright 2019 D. Kay. All rights reserved.

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