7 lives

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A young girl recounts 7 past lives with the current

Submitted: September 13, 2009

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Submitted: September 13, 2009



I have seen 6 other lives, I'm in life number 7 now. For a lot of people 7 would be a lot of lives, maybe to many lives to live considering most only believe you live one and that your first life is the end. Little do they know spirit is a cycle and it's very hard to permanantly join the collective conciousness they call god. If I remember corectly there's only 300 souls there, not a huge number by any means considering the souls alive today. I hoped the cycle would soon end for me as well, there's only so much you can remember before going insane. Trust me, remembering 7 lives is far from peachy and it doesn't make life any easier.

Sure, I knew all lifes basic lessons already: no sticking anything metal (such as car keys, butter knives, forks, spoons, monopoly peices, ect) itno electric sockets (not something I had in every life), make sure you always check to make sure you were given correct change because their are a lot of theives, anything thats too tight shouldnt be worn, don't walk into traffic unless you have a strong death wish, don't drink until you vomit or pass out because it's not good for you and you could do something you regret, silverwear is used for eating and not for murdering the annoying neighbor who doesn't seem to understand that mowing the lawn at 3 am isn't cool, ecetera. Something a lot of people many have to learn over and over again (except for the part about murdering the neighbor though I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking he deserved it considering he did this nearly every morning to piss us off).

Where a lot of people would think "it would be so great remembering what I did or was in my past life, I would never make the same mistakes again!" it's really not that great. I remember being a whore in the victorian era (yes, even such a great time period had a such thing as a whore as hard to believe as it is) and I got murdered by my pimp when he decided I was holding back more than my share of money. Of course I wasn't but I never got a chance to prove it before being dragged naked through town tied to his horse. He was easily able to get away with it by saying he had no idea how I was naked behind his horse or how I'd gotten his horse in the first place, he had only noticed it missing a short while before being alerted to the incident that his missing horse had helped cause. Of course a man could't lie about such things.

I was also an American slave 3 times, a man twice and a woman once. I was born on the plantations and usually spent a short number of years as each. The first time I was a man I ran off twice and had all 10 toes cut off with an ax. I stuffed my boots so I could still walk and work the feilds without being whipped by an overseer but ended up dieing of gain green later. Medical science was poor back then and black people didn't get it anyway, waiste of money for the owner. The second time I was male I didn't obey much, had bad wounds from being whipped. Of course the whip often was where the owners horses used as a toilet and was filthy. Once again there I got a bad infection that I died from pretty quick. When I was a female slave they wanted me as a breeder. They wanted me to have as many babies as I could from the day my period started so they could sell them off. I died in childbirth the first time and took the baby with me. That was a soul that was not happy there was nothing I could do considering, once again, medical science was not great and there was a higher chance then that mother, child or both could die while the birth process happened.

Next I was born in the 1950's and ran away from home to become a hippie like so many other youth at the time. It was really popular back then as people know, still have some people that are hippies now. Living with them was actually pretty fun, though. We lived off the land in ways a lot of the older generation didn't. We wanted to love mother earth and everything she had to offer, something that I think we should all try to do considering our limited time here with her, This one I had a child (naturally in the woods, no doctors, hospitals or machenes like with the last generation) and managed to live to 25. It was mushrooms that got me this time. Someone honestly believed they had found majik mushrooms when they were really extremely poisonous. We were both vomiting whatever we took in for about a week before we died, we just got way too dehydrated. The father of my child took him from there.

The life right before this one wasn't great either. I made it to 2 years old before getting murdered. My mom decided she didn't want a child born with downs sydrome (which I had been born with in this incarnation) so she decided to replace that nights chicken with me instead. Yes, my father was appalled, and yes, she did go to jail. We lived in a state that alloewed execution too so she got that easily. Hard to find a jury that wants to let a baby killer go free.

In this life I'm a teenager. It's this life where I killed the neighbor. No one's found the body yet and with hope never will. Unknown to anyone I buried him in another persons fresh grave and just made the mound look the same. Not until it decomposes a bit will they discover it and then evidence will be gone other than my concince. Best not let that get ahead of me.

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