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In between life and death, what do I choose? I don't want to leave those who have loved me behind but I know that it might just be that time. But can I accept what death gifts to me or shall I run back in life's loving arms? What happens when life no longer wants me and death is my only call?

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Death surrounds me. Caresses me. It's always led me by the hand. I'm not sure of the destination but I know that it feels safe.

I've been dead a long time - ever since I could remember. I heard whispers of what used to be as I stumble for a place to rest, to feel at peace.

I tried touching one once - the whispers. It gave me shivers as the pain and betrayal seeped through my fingers. You can believe I never did that again. 

The days pass by with no intent on stopping for me. I guess no one noticed my plight. My energy was sucked from me and with nothing to replenish, I can only hope that someone will revive me.

I am in the inbetween where death takes my hand and life longs to see me again. I know that I love life's touch - the warmth. Everything it brings but it was also so hard, difficult. There were trials, obstacles. No promise at the end.

Laughs and cuddles and living along the edge but still the truth came out at the end. No glory.

And now I'm here, stuck in the middle of their never ending game. Who do I choose?

Death asked me once before. Terrfied, I refused to hold his hand. I left, devastated that I could not accept what others called my fate/destiny. To me it was what life gave - whether or not we would behold or refuse to accept.

This time thought, I was ready. I knew that life had adventures waiting for me - brightness and sunshine.

It's not that I had no will left. It's that I was no longer terrified of what death brought. It used to bring fire, anger, and fear - eternal suffering in a place that I had only heart about in my nightmares.

But now I felt a sense of peace - enlightenment. That everything would be okay. That by accepting death, I was not giving up on life but giving someone else the chance to understand and make their choice. That through my choice - they could accept theirs. 

Death held out his hand. There was no enjoyment in his job and even less in his demeanor. I could blame him. He received so much from life and yet was never able to give back. Except for once.

That one glorious moment - the Son of God.

This time, I didn't hesitate. I slipped my hand into Death's and squeezed. I looked back for a moment but not to dwell - almost to say goodbye. There was a lingering moment that I wished those behind me the best. That they would rejoice - and be at peace.

A tug as death led me away from life. As I looked forward though, there was light - hope at the end. And I was at peace. Because I knew that I was headed to a chorus of angels - the gates of heaven

So wipe your teary eyes

Don't you worry about me.

Everything's gone be alright.

Just you wait and see.

So praise him every breath you take.

I need you to smile again.

From every time you wake

Till always and forever, the end

© Copyright 2019 D. Nic. All rights reserved.

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