Almost a Murder

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A Teen who has a big chose.....

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012



I walk into the Planned Parenthood, trembling. My hand is so shaky, I have to calm myself before writing my name at the nurses desk. My phone buzzes, again. My boyfriend has been calling every ten minutes to check on me. Well, to see if I'm actually going. I didn't want to go, but how else will this work for me? I'm pregnant at 17 and I have to get an education or else I'll end up a homeless bum on the street. When I think back on it, I probably never should have agreed to spend the night with my so-called "boyfriend". But at my school, sex is below normal. It's expected. I hear my name called and I feel myself walk toward the open door. The nurse smiles a lip-stick smile and gestures me in. My heart is beating so fast I can barely breath, never mind walk. When we finally get into the room, I'm out of breath and have to sit on the hospital bed. The nurse tells me something I don't catch and walks out. I am alone. My friend had an abortion a couple of months ago and when I talked to her mom she said that abortion was a life saver. Even though she was trying to comfort me, it left me suspicious considering my friend hasn't been to school since. A lot of my friends have always lucked out on their pregnancy tests but this time my luck failed me. I feel drops of sweat run down my neck. Suddenly, I'm in desperate need of air. I run to the window but its locked shut and boarded. I start panicking. I really need some air. The stench of hand sanitizer reeks into my brain as I feel myself stumble out of the room and finally outside on the sidewalk. I've already gulped down a ton of air before I finally realize them. A group of people, all with rosaries, praying for something. All of them looked pained, yet strong. Like they had hope for something, or someone, yet they are feeling the pain also for that person. I mustered up some courage from way down and ask a little girl holding a pink rosary, 

"What are you praying for?"

"For the babies and their mommies" She said, pointing to the Planned Parenthood building.

Then it hit me. These people are praying..... for me. For my courage to do what is right. For my little baby inside of me. Then I fell apart, and found myself on the ground, crying uncontrollably about nothing in particular. No, I was crying for something. For almost murdering someone inside of me. I feel the little girl's arms hug me tight and hear her whispering to me, "It's okay" in my ear. 

Months later, I had my own little girl. I named her Mary, after the little girl who understood the truth before I did. But know I know the truth too.


Your Presence is Powerful. Pray to End Abortion.

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