Dunkin Donuts Adventures

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What happens when you hang out at a dunkin donuts to steal their wifi? Apparently weird people and robberies...

*Not edited. These are thoughts at the time of the chaos... And yes, this is a completely true story. I will update if I ever find out what happened....*

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



I need coffee. No, I don’t. I just need some wifi. Wifi that’s faster than my little usb tethering. I think they’re on to the fact that I torrent most of my shit. But lets be honest, most of us do. If they made the price of entertainment just a little bit cheaper, maybe I’d pay for it (no I wouldn’t.) But then that might destroy the entertainment industry, not because they aren’t getting paid but because all of our favorite TV icons might have to work just a little bit harder for their money. Wouldn’t that just be awful.

Back to the point.

Rent is expensive. So I’m squatting at a friend’s house who doesn’t even have internet. Who does that??? I’m resigned to hanging out at starbucks and dunkin donuts, buying overpriced coffee just to use a few hours of wifi. 5 bucks a day? Fucking expensive. But then again, I’m only in there like a couple times a month.

I’m there – at dunkin donuts. I can get a drink and two donuts for the price of a small (tall??) coffee at starbucks. I’m sitting there, minding my own. No one cares what the heck I’m doing here. I’m torrenting away… and then I see it. Across the street. An undercover police car shows. Something’s going down.

Silence. No movement. No one in, no one out. An hour passes. There’s some people moving around inside the store, but from across the street, I can’t see shit. Another two police cars arrive. Police officers are surveying the building, walking around, looking. They’re walking into the building. But I can’t still see much.

An hour passes. I’m still here because my fucking torrents aren’t finished. But let’s be honest, I’m getting curious. There’s not much action. But one car leaves. Oh, maybe it’s over. What happened to begin with though?? Robbery?? There wasn’t any shooting or medical accidents (no ambulances). What’s going on?? I’m so curious but I don’t want to look like I’m a part of the problem.

Uninteresting people come and go from the dunkin donuts. A man sits down as well as two older ukranian ladies. Another lady asks for the bathroom. Amongst the chaos across the street, I notice the bathroom lady spends a good fifteen minutes. Guess I’m not using the bathroom any time soon.

The man has headphones in, blasting music. He’s staring at the chaos as well. I don’t remember seeing him leave but I noticed him walking away at one point. The ukranian ladies are speaking and giggling. I don’t speak the language but they graced me with one English phrase – shoot the boy – and more giggling. Ok, weird and creepy.

I turn my attention back to the chaos outside. My torrents aren’t finished because this connection is slow as fuck. But I’m not really for that anymore. This scene is interesting enough as it is. I want to call the business across the street and figure out what is going on but I’m not stupid. I like my freedom and I don’t want to be associated with whatever crime is going on over there.

A police officer exits the building, two young girls in tow (17?). They are escorted into the police car and he drives off. Oh man… what’s going on in there? Another man (who had been there before) enters the building. I thought he might have been the owner, especially since he had come back with food. There’s an active crime scene and you went out for lunch. Bastard.

But then when he exits, he’s got a camera. He’s not the owner. He’s a fucking crime scene technician. And he’s taking pictures of the outside of the building. This is big. But how big? What happened??

As more time passes, police cars come and go. As soon as I think the chaos is over, another police car arrives. The pictures are done. The girls are back in the building. None of this makes sense.

The crime scene technician is now reentering the building with a forensics kit and gloves. Did someone die in there? No, there’s no ambulance or EMT.

Parents show up. Is someone getting handcuffed? Is someone going to jail? Nothing… They’re all just talking.

The girls are out. They’re reenacting what happened to their parents/guardians. Still waiting for the initial verdict. But it looks like the girls are innocent. Something just really terrible happened in there.

Still waiting… what happened? There’s still police cars there. And the girls with their families are still hanging outside the joint. Maybe I’ll see this on the news tomorrow. Maybe we won’t….

But for now, I wait. Because my fucking torrents still aren’t done.


And on other news of terrible parenting:

A lovely mother bought donuts for her kids. On the way out to the car, the cute little two-year-old dropped his donut on the pavement. A white iced donut with no jimmies. Who doesn’t give jimmies to their child?

The kid is whining but not crying. Mother takes the donut and helps the kids into the car. Aw, poor kid lost his donut. Not even a bite. The kids are settled. And then mom gives the fucking donut back to the kid. Um… hey mom, germs???

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