life is nothing without my love, and death only has more lonliness to it

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he died, as i shall die to... as life is nothing without him but death shall only be the same. the eternal loneliness of it all, is just to much to take. so i ask you, what shall i do without my love?

Submitted: September 12, 2010

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Submitted: September 12, 2010



his arms hold my waist gently as his breath warms my neck. his lips carressing my neck as he guides my movements slowly. i feel his warmth, but he has no warmth. his body lays cold, no movement in it. he looks at me coldly and i realize he has no heart. a tear runs down my eye as i feel the heart ache within me. i placed my head to his chest in panic to hear his warm heartbeat once more, but instead i heard nothing. i heard the emptiness of his body. the tear ran down my eye as i began to cry. my heart shattered and my soul with it, everything was gone everything had vanished. except for the agonizing pain i felt in my chest, i cleched over holding my chest and gasping for breath as the agonizingly painful screams came out of my throat and pierced through the air. i had lost everything and i realized that life without my love was pointless. i did not like this world without my love as i did not like myself without his love. this world no longer makes sense, this world is to lonely. i have no reason to live. so i ponder this world with no reason to exsist, so i ask myself. shall i take my own life and live with my love for the enternity called forever in the life of death? or shall i live this world with no reason to exsist and no reason to live, leaving all of those who care about me behind. my mind and body had found the answer so i walked so the draw and pulled out the blade looking in the shattered mirror and seeing my ugliness. i looked into the cleanliness of the blade though and saw my beauty. looking in the shattered mirror i saw my imperfectness and looking at the cold blade i saw the perfectness in the way the light shimmered off its beauty. my hand moved slowly, the blade with it. the blade inching towards the delicate skin on my wrist and more tears ran down my eyes for i was scared. i was scared of death. was their really a heaven and a hell? or was their just the empitiness of the nothing that was about to be before me in the life called death. what would i do if i was stuck in the emptiness all alone... just like i am now? stuck there for all of enternity, hell sounds better than that pain. i guess it would not matter where i am. no matter where i am i will always be alone, i will always feel this hurt. it makes no difference, and so the cold blade pressed to my cold skin as i pressed and began to glide it upward. the tears rolled down my crying face as i felt the true happiness knowing i would join my love soon. my body collased and i watched as the warm blood flowed out of my cold body and the tears contiued to roll mixing with my warm blood. a smile ran across my face as i knew that soon i would be joining my love in the foreverness of death and the foreverness of being alone... in this empty, lonely world.

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