Men are Idiots... Ok, Just This One

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I'll just say... never argue with an idiot. You'll lose every time.

Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



Remember my ladies’ man from work? You didn’t read that story?

No, it’s cool. I’m not hurt. I’ll give you the rundown:

Ladies’ men are gorgeous people you meet at a bar. They bedazzle you with their charms and give you a night you can’t remember both in the club and outside. The problem? There’s no feelings attached. The other problem? They’re actually asshats.

I work with said ladies’ man and he couldn’t be more of a fucking idiot and annoying prick. He’s always about himself, talking about aspects of his life that we all roll our eyes and mutter ‘TMI’. He also can’t talk to or about women….

Today was just another perfect example:

I don’t mind talking to him (we’re the same age). He’s pretty cool to hang with and his friends are fun (I’d never date them. They’re his friends). I don’t remember the conversation but he’s working and nonchalantly states:

Women can’t be sensible.

I freeze, because of course that’s not what he said. He’s not that stupid. (But he is). I look at him, “What?”

He kind of chuckles. Is this fucking funny to you? I’m worried that he might actually mean it. He stops what he’s doing and faces me.

No offense, but women can’t be sensible. They just can’t.

I don’t know what women he’s been around or lack thereof. He’s also got a girlfriend. Is she dumb as shit? Are all the girls you’ve dated dumb as shit? Is this your reference? (Granted, he didn’t have a mother growing up but I’ve known wonderful men without mothers).

I start joking with him, “Oh, I can. I’m not all women.” Big fucking mistake. Lesson number one: Don’t argue with an idiot.

He shakes his head.

Nope. All women are the same.

And then, HE FUCKING GOES BACK TO WORKING! As if, there’s no shame in what he said. As if, it was the norm. As if, it was just a part of daily life.

I’m still not sure what to do but he’s got me in a checkmate. I want to punch him in his throat and stab in his eye but he’d take that as a sign of insensibility.

I wanted to argue a little (albeit a lot) and get him to see the error in his ways. No such luck. I’d be labeled as insensible.

Staying silent might mean that I agree (at least to him).

But the only move?

Not to play.

But one day, I hope that someone fucking punches him in the throat and stabs him in the eye for these phrases that he’s come to believe.

And I hope that one day – that someone is me.


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